Instant FiberCover Powder

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Instant FiberCover Powder

Cover your hair roots in seconds!

Unattractive bald hair can lessen your confidence. No worries! This Instant FiberCover Powder can hide your thinning hair and give you a natural hair look!

VOLUMIZE THINNING HAIR INSTANTLY– No time for the salon? This hair root cover powder will provide a genuine hair look that is not noticeable! Use it to touch up your temples, refresh your root line, or even define your brows!

LOOK YOUNGER AT YOUR AGE – Others will not consider your true age because you will look younger in your volumized hair! A good hair look will really make you appear younger! It also covers your grey hair and leaves a completely natural and volumized finish.

NATURAL and SHINY HAIR – This will not dry hair or leave a dull look. It will not leave any blotches on your scalp and will not damage it. Instant hair cover with no sticky or oily residue!

GIVES MORE CONFIDENCE – Never feel shy going out even if you have thin hair or bald spots! This powder will cover your hair and will give you a more beautiful look!

EASY APPLICATION IN LESS THAN A MINUTE – Open the bottle, dip the right amount of powder into the puff. Along your thin roots, gently pat and fill out the hairline. Dust any excess if there’s any.

SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES – This hairline powder is also suitable for different hair colors.

Hide your hair loss! Rejuvenate and revive your hair appearance with this Instant FiberCover Powder. Buy Yours NOW!

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