InstaStyle Twist Plait Headband

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InstaStyle Twist Plait Headband

Taking too long to style your hair? Or is your hair too long that it covers your eyes? If you got any of these problems, then its time to make a difference in your hairstyling routine!

Change your hairstyle in just seconds with this InstaStyle Twist Plait Headband!

Create Charming Hairstyles!

Twist plait your bangs or hold your hair to avoid it from covering your face. Perfect for people who are “waiting for a haircut” or for those who need to get their bangs out of their way when washing their faces.

8 Useable Clips on Headband

  • Tooth is firm and made of flexible ABS Resin material. No harm to your hair at all!
  • Convex teeth are designed to keep hair in place.
  • Upper layer allows you to twist plait your bangs.
  • Lower layer acts as a normal headband to keep hair from covering your face.

Suitable for All Hair Types!

Ideal for long, short, curly, or straight hair! No need for expensive hair appointments or complicated braiding steps with this headband by your side.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Wear it while working out, yoga, or doing any outdoor sports to keep your hair out of the way. Also ideal for going out to parties, graduation, birthdays, weddings or just daily wear.

Clip Back Hair in the Most Stylish Way!

Style it with this InstaStyle Twist Plait Headband for a gorgeously elegant look today!


Material: ABS Resin

Available Color: Black, Brown

Size: About 10 x 10 x 3cm

Package Options: 

  • Buy 3 – 3pcs. InstaStyle Twist Plait Headband
  • Buy 5 – 5pcs.
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