Insulation Piercing Clip Set


Insulation Piercing Clip Set
Insulation Piercing Clip Set


Puncture clips allow the user to provide the precise pressure required to puncture the insulation of various wire types and sizes.

The unique design is both cost-effective and convenient, it can be quickly removed to expose the puncture tip for any required sharpening, extending the life of the product and eliminating the need to completely replace the test clip as with other models on the market.

The red and black color-coded barrels provide quick circuit identification and the bright yellow body is easy to locate in low light conditions.

The test clip offers further convenience with its ‘in-line retention’ feature. Once the test clips are attached to the leads, the test leads can be removed from the clips for testing in another location.

Use: attach it to the banana plug and then the other end can be hooked onto the insulated wire, by turning the red or black end of the clip the sharp needle pierces the insulation to make contact with the conductor. (Damage is fairly minimal)

Size: 96*19.3mm/4*1in
Probe tip: 2mm /0.08in
Colour: yellow/black/red
Packaging: Pack of two


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