InvisiHeel Anti-cracking Protection Film


InvisiHeel Anti-cracking Protection Film

No more dry, flaky heels and callused feet!

The unsightly yellow or brown calluses or thickened, cracked skin and further infection and pain incurred are annoying. Now you can use InvisiHeel Anti-cracking ProtectionFilm to prevent these issues.

InvisiHeel Anti-cracking Protection Film revolutionary transparent film that designed to hold in moisture in the skin while significantly reducing friction between heels and shoes to stop the skin from cracking or peeling. This helps reduce painstop dirt and germs entering the wounds, and aid faster healing.


  • Anti-Crack: 
    No more calluses, flaking and rough heels.
  • Invisible Film: 
    Wear discreetly for invisible effect.
  • Aid Healing: 
    Provides a protective barrier to stop dirt & germs from infecting the wounds.
  • Moisturising: 
    Keep heels soft & moisturized against excess water loss.
  • Waterproof: 
    Anti-peeling, waterproof and sweatproof to stay put for a long time.
  • Ultra-Thin:
    Compact & ultra-thin construction without taking extra space in shoes.
  • Easy To Use:
    Just simply stick the protection film onto the heels.
  • Versatile:
    Ideal to wear any shoes.


  • Material: Self-adhesive silica gel
  • Size: 9.7cm x 7cm


  • InvisiHeel Anti-cracking ProtectionFilm (14-pc Pack / 28-pc Pack)
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