IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear


IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear
IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear

IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear

IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear

“I’ve always been the “chubby girl” in the friend group, which is hurt. I’ve tried dieting but none of them gave significant results. One day, my friend recommended using this shapewear. In just a few months, I went from a large to a medium. And the shapewear really helped accentuate my hips which is perfect when I’m selfies!” –Alice. 34, Berlin

IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear

“I didn’t think simple shapewear would give better results than traditional methods before, but in just a few weeks, I noticed that my once tight skirts have started to hang loose on my body! My waist started to shrink and my belly fat started to disappear. The rapid weight loss doesn’t make me experience any dizziness or weakness, moreover, I felt more energized!” –Chloe, 32, Boston

Weight Loss in Women

IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear

The rise in popularity of high-sugary and deep-fried food has seeped into our diets and changed how we perceive food. According to the WHO, obesity is considered high risk for both developing and developed nations and governments are in an uphill battle to combat obesity.

Men and women lose weight differently; men tend to have more muscle while women tend to have more fat. Factors that affect weight loss and a person’s rate of losing weight depend from woman to woman.

This is why the  IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear is the perfect weight loss product for all ladies! 

IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear

Women tend to have more fat than men, but it is normal! Women need more fat because we have a vital role in maintaining our body’s health and preparing it for motherhood. Weight loss would always consider maintaining a specific amount of fat in our body or else our reproductive system won’t work optimally. However, no need to worry about drastic and unhealthy weight loss that would disrupt your cycle and hormones with the IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear.

What are Negative Ions?

IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear

There are two types of ions: positive and negative. Positive Ions are detrimental to your health and while Negative Ions help your body in many ways! Negative Ions are naturally occurring and are found in wide open spaces and lush greenery. Negative Ions help with weight loss, and fatigue, and decrease the risk of pulmonary diseases and even cancer! Technology has been able to replicate the production of negative ions and has been used in medical technology ever since.

Negative Ions have been used to aid with weight loss by deeply penetrating through the skin and breaking down fat cells, which results in a loss of fat on your waist, hips, thighs, arms, and abdomen. Negative Ions are extremely safe to use and are suitable even for individuals with immunocompromised bodies.

IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear

The IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear is your best bet to lose weight without any stress. You can sit back, relax, and lose weight without even lifting a finger! Powered by Negative Ions, simply wearing the IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear can:

  • Breaking down excess fat cells
  • Aids with weight loss without disrupting a woman’s monthly cycle and hormone balance
  • Speed up the metabolism, and improves the body’s absorption of nutrients which
  • Beneficial for keeping your body satiated for longer periods
  • Increases energy levels which aid with increased calorie burning
  • Contains a sleek and slender design that doesn’t interfere with clothing
  • Helps the wearer attain a better waist and hip ratio
  • Improves the person’s shapes and curves
  • Contains a breathable material that doesn’t disrupt the woman’s pH levels

Danna is a 40-year-old mother of two, she was able to be fit and lose all that post-pregnancy weight all thanks to the IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear!

Before Use

IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear

“I’ve been wanting to lose weight ever since I noticed my weight ballooning after I gave birth to my youngest. I’ve tried all sorts of diets and exercises but those only left me hungry and tired which made me relapse and gain even more weight!”

After Use

IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear

“This is amazing! I’ve been wearing this body-shaping underwear for quite some time now and I’ve noticed so many changes and improvements in my body. In just a few months, I dropped so much weight that I need to buy smaller-fitting clothes. I also have more energy to play with my children even after a long day of work. I got my hourglass figure back and I look like I haven’t aged a day!”

How to Use 

  • Choose the correct size
  • Slip the product on
  • Make sure that the pattern is facing outwards
  • Wear for as long as you’re comfortable
  • Wash the IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear daily
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • For external use only.


  • TherapyNegative Ions
  • Size Options: M/L (80-120 lbs), XL/2XL(120-160 lbs), 3XL/4XL (60-200 lbs)
  • Color Options: Green, Black, Pink, Beige/Skin Tone
  • Target Audience: Women
  • Target Age: Adults ONLY
  • Effects: Weight Loss, Body Shaping, Slimming

Package Includes 

1x IONSTech Unique Fiber Shapewear

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