iRosesilk™ DiamondFlex Glass Shield


Lasting protection for better appearance!

Discover the future of glass protection with iRosesilk™ DiamondFlex Glass Shield! Fortify your surfaces with the power of crystal coating, ensuring a crystal-clear shield against scratches and wear. Easy application, long-lasting brilliance – experience the difference today!

Used 2/3rds of a bottle on my car and it looks brand new again. You apply 4 drops at a time and I was surprised at how far a couple drops went. This little bottle will cover a whole car. I have enough to touch up the car for a year. Excellent price point for what it does! Use it on the metal of the wipers and the trimmings as well and it’s great!

Peter Stevens, 28, Norfolk, Virginia

First time using this product. It was very easy to apply. Pad applicator is a one time usage so might need to get another applicator. I used half the bottle to do the exterior part of my car including the windshield, side mirrors, trimmings, etc. Better than factory look. This is a must to keep your vehicle sharp looking.

Lyle Foster, 34, Birmingham, Alabama

Introducing the iRosesilk™ DiamondFlex Glass Shield is a clear, flexible hard coating that provides glass-like abrasion and scratch resistance to a variety of glass and plastic materials. Abrasion resistance is up to 6x that of polymeric hard-coat materials and provides high optical quality and chemical resistance to acids, bases and organics. It has extreme diamond-like properties of high hardness, optical transparency, high chemical and electrical resistance, elasticity and low friction. It has exceptional transparency, with virtually no absorption in the visible, even at thickness up to 10 micrometers or greater. Say goodbye to water stains and soap scum and hello to clean glass.

Prime Features:

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Low Friction
  • Flexible coating
  • Chemical resistance
  • Transparent in visible spectrum
  • Conformal PECVD coating

Key Features:

Crystal Coating Diamond Shine Finish

Utilizing state-of-the-art nanotechnology, iRosesilk™ DiamondFlex Glass Shield is a professional protective coating used by various industries. It forms an invisible shield, reinforcing the glass and significantly increasing its durability against daily wear and tear and keeps a diamond-like shine finish.

Scratch Resistance

Say goodbye to unattractive scuffs and imperfections. iRosesilk™ DiamondFlex Glass Shield provides a strong safeguard, preventing scratches on your glass surfaces, maintaining their clean and unblemished appearance amidst daily wear and tear.

Anti-Theft Feature

Combining safety and elegance, iRosesilk™ offers not only shielding against physical harm but also includes an anti-theft function. Elevate the security of your glass entryways by incorporating this advanced defense system, discouraging potential burglars and safeguarding your space.


UV Protection

Maintain the aesthetic appeal of your indoor environment. iRosesilk™ safeguards your interiors from UV ray damage, thus preventing fading and color degradation of your cherished belongings. Experience the benefits of ample daylight without jeopardizing the lifespan of your cherished possessions.

This is why iRosesilk™ DiamondFlex Glass Shield is special:

  • Nano Strengthening Formula
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Anti-Theft Feature
  • UV Protection
  • Crystal-Clear Transparency
  • Easy Application
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • Versatile Application (Windows, Shower Doors, Tables, etc.)
  • Smudge-Resistant Finish
  • Enhances Aesthetic Appeal

Why choose this product?

Experience the innovative iRosesilk™ for a game-changing glass shield. Boasting exceptional features like nano-strengthening, scratch resistance, theft prevention, and UV protection, it sets itself apart by providing comprehensive care for your glass surfaces. Its adaptability and user-friendly installation make iRosesilk™ the perfect solution for homes and businesses alike, guaranteeing enduring durability and visual enhancement.

How to Use:

  • Clean Surface: Ensure the glass surface is clean and dry before application.
  • Apply Coating: Using a soft cloth, apply iRosesilk™ evenly on the glass surface, ensuring complete coverage.
  • Buff to Shine: Allow the coating to dry for the recommended time, then buff the glass with a clean, dry cloth to reveal a crystal-clear, strengthened finish. Enjoy the benefits of iRosesilk™


  • Net Wt. 30ml

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 x iRosesilk™ DiamondFlex Glass Shield
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iRosesilk™ DiamondFlex Glass Shield
iRosesilk™ DiamondFlex Glass Shield
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