iRosesilk™ Nocturnal Quest Pocket Telescope


See the universe up close, explore the beauty of nature!

Telescopes have undergone significant transformations since the 17th century – or when the first refractor telescope was invented. While there’s a wide range of telescopes for both professional and amateur use, portable and handheld scopes are highly popular. In contrast to other telescopic devices for sale, portable and handheld units are light, compact, and easy to use. They can be utilized for a wide range of activities, such as stargazing, camping, bird watching, and hunting.

Key Features & Highlights

Excellent Optics

Advanced fully multi-coated monocular with large 18mm BAK4 prism lens provide HD vision, brighter view and clear low light vision. Dielectric coating & phase coating monocular provide clear, high-contrast and color-accurate images. Perfect for bird watching, stargazing, wildlife, hiking, camping, concerts and sports.


Extensive-Angle Field of Vision

iRosesilk™ Nocturnal Quest Pocket Telescope

Equipped with a 21mm large eyepiece, it provides a more comfortable and larger view. High powered monocular telescope provides 12x magnification with 56mm objective diameter wide lens, 325 ft/1000 yards of large field of view, and delivers the best view in bird watching star watching.


Highly Defined Resolution Quality

iRosesilk™ Nocturnal Quest Pocket Telescope

Experience the cosmos in stunning high definition. The telescope’s advanced optics and precision engineering deliver sharp, detailed, and immersive views, allowing you to witness the beauty of celestial objects with remarkable clarity.


Night Vision Capability

iRosesilk™ Nocturnal Quest Pocket Telescope

Unleash the secrets of the night sky even in low-light conditions with the integrated night vision technology. Observe elusive celestial phenomena and delve into the depths of the universe in ways not possible with ordinary telescopes.


Waterproof and Durable

iRosesilk™ Nocturnal Quest Pocket Telescope

Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration, the StallarSight 500X is built with waterproofing technology, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions. Feel confident taking it on your adventures, knowing it is built to last.

Tripod Mount Compatibility

More sturdy tripods than others ensure clearer, brighter and shakeless images. Compatible with bluetooth remote shutter, enable you to take pictures with just one-click. Easily capture beauties in the distant world and share them with your friends and families.

User-Friendly Design

iRosesilk™ Nocturnal Quest Pocket Telescope

Universal Smartphone Adapter, Easy to Use, Fit for All Kinds of Smartphone. Quick alignment, compatible with phone cases, portable and stable. Ensures a seamless observing experience for stargazing enthusiasts of all levels. Explore the cosmos with ease and immerse yourself in the wonders of the universe.


iRosesilk™ Nocturnal Quest Pocket Telescope

  • Material :  PVC*Al
  • Size :  20cm*10cm*10cm

Package Inclusion: 1 x iRosesilk™ Nocturnal Quest Pocket Telescope

  • 1 x Tripod Kit
  • 1 x Storage Bag
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth & Hanging Rope
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iRosesilk™ Nocturnal Quest Pocket Telescope
iRosesilk™ Nocturnal Quest Pocket Telescope
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