iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker


iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker

Find your way with ease, track your GPS with peace.

In today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced world, the importance of GPS trackers cannot be overstated. GPS, or Global Positioning System, technology has revolutionized the way we navigate, communicate, and manage our daily lives. One of the most significant applications of this technology is the GPS tracker, a device that provides real-time location information and monitoring capabilities.

The GPS tracker has become an indispensable tool for various sectors, including transportation, logistics, personal safety, and even parental control. By utilizing satellite signals, these devices offer unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in tracking the location of vehicles, people, or assets. The importance of GPS trackers is undeniable, as they provide unmatched location accuracy, real-time monitoring, and enhanced safety features. Whether for businesses, individuals, or families, GPS trackers have become an essential tool in today’s interconnected world, offering peace of mind and improved efficiency in our daily lives.

This tracker is just awesome! Its accuracy is on point, and I have them just always plugged in, so I’m not too sure what the battery life is… They are worth every cent, because you have a great App to go along with them, as well as a web interface. And I have not once had one go offline since activating them. Perfect for every vehicle.
Larry Carson, 40, San Diego, California
I’ve been using it for a month now, and have been very impressed so far! The app was very easy to install and connect to the device. The tracker itself is very light and small, easy to position on my car unnoticeably. I am ordering more for my wife and son’s car for safety reasons.
Jared Mason, 37, Spring, Texas


Unveiling a Revolution in Location Management

The iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker is a testament to modern engineering, offering users a range of features that set it apart from other GPS trackers on the market. Its miniature size and magnetic housing allow for easy and inconspicuous attachment to virtually any surface, ensuring that you can keep tabs on your valuable assets or loved ones without raising suspicion.

With its state-of-the-art GPS technology, the iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker provides real-time location updates, enabling you to monitor the movement of your tracked items or individuals with precision and accuracy. The user-friendly interface and mobile application further enhance the overall user experience, offering seamless control and easy access to vital information. The iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker is a top-tier location tracking device that combines discreet design with cutting-edge technology. Whether you need to monitor your vehicle, keep an eye on your children’s safety, or protect your valuable assets, this innovative GPS tracker is the ideal solution to ensure peace of mind and enhanced security in today’s fast-paced world.

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Product features & highlights

Real-time tracking

The iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker, real-time tracking enables users to view the precise location of the tracked object or person on a digital map, updated at regular intervals. A valuable feature that enhances the functionality of GPS trackers, offering users a wide range of benefits in various aspects of their lives, from personal safety to business operations.

Remote listening, real-time viewing, recording and uploading the sound to the cloud

Remote listening, real-time viewing, recording, and uploading the sound to the cloud are advanced features that allow users to capture and access audio from a specific location using a GPS tracker or a similar device. This technology can be particularly useful in various situations, such as monitoring the safety of loved ones, ensuring workplace productivity, or conducting covert investigations.

Silicon mark noise reduction

Silicon mark noise reduction algorithms work by analyzing the audio signal and identifying patterns or characteristics of the unwanted noise. The software then applies specific filters or processing techniques to remove or reduce the impact of these noise elements without affecting the desired audio content.

Long-lasting battery life, long standby time, built-in high-energy lithium battery, longer battery life.

Rechargeable battery lasts up to 2-5 days (depending on tracking mode) with real time tracking updates at 1-5min intervals and up to 60 days with 1-3 tracking updates per/day (battery saver mode). Contributes to the overall performance and convenience of these electronic devices.

Track playback

The iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker is a compact, portable device designed to track and monitor the location of valuable assets, vehicles, or loved ones. This device comes with several features, including track playback, which allows users to review the movement history of the tracked object. Track playback, in the context of the iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker, enables users to visualize and analyze the movement path of the tracked object over a specific period. This feature provides valuable insights into the object’s location, routes, and patterns, which can be helpful in various situations.

Small in size, easy to carry

The iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and discreetly attach to various objects. Its small size offers several advantages like being unnoticeable and can be attached anywhere without being so obvious.

Strong magnetic absorption

The strong magnetic absorption feature of the iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker offers users a convenient, discreet, and versatile attachment option for tracking various objects, ensuring a secure connection and reliable performance in various environments.

SIM card is needed

The iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker requires a SIM card to function properly. The SIM card is an essential component of the iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker, as it enables the device to connect to the mobile network, access GPS satellite signals, and transmit location data in real-time. This connectivity is crucial for the tracker’s functionality and effectiveness in monitoring the location of the object or person being tracked.

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How to Use:

  • Insert a SIM card
  • Go to One Google Play Store or Apple App Store search for “racing” or get the download link by scanning the QR code on the box, and downloading the APP;
  • Long press the button on the smart locator, hear the “drop, drop” twice, and make sure the LED light is on/
  • Search for the smart locator and connect to the app, slide to the left to delete the tracker, touch the “>” icon to rename the smart locator or disconnect;
  • Long press to shut down/turn off

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iRosesilk™ ShadowTrack Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker
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