JewelPlus Jewelry Replicator


JewelPlus Jewelry Replicator

 JewelPlus Jewelry Replicator

Easily Craft Stunning Replica Of Your Favorite Jewelries!

Enjoy resin crafting with this JewelPlus Jewelry Replicator! You can quickly produce stylish jewelry replica that look professionally made.

FUN & SIMPLE TO DO – Resin jewelry replicating can be enjoyed by anyone. It’s all about making lovely jewelries by making your favorite mold and pouring resin into a mold. Nothing could be easier – and the end product will look amazing.

BE LIKE A MASTER CRAFTER – All you need is to mix both the silicone molding liquid onto your favorite jewelry piece. Then simply pour resin into the mold and you’ll soon have a gorgeous jewelry replica you can use or give as a gift. It will come out looking like a professionally made jewelry!

TRY DIFFERENT STYLES FOR YOUR FAVORITE PIECE – Easily, you can make your own silicone molds so that you can craft the type of jewelries you like! You can style the frame designs even more uniquely by adding fillers to the resin. Embellish it with coloring, glitter, beads, sequins and other decorative items. You can easily personalize the jewelries.

MAKE AWESOME GIFTS – Simply duplicate hard to find jewelries as a gift for friends! You can make the frame style that your friend will like, and customize it even more with colors and decorations. Give your handcrafted jewelries as Christmas gifts or birthday gifts!

DIY jewelries unique only to you! Order a JewelPlus Jewelry Replicator now.


Material: Silicone

Color: Pink, baby blue

Volume: 100 ml

Weight: 140 g

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc JewelPlus Jewelry Replicator

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