JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring


Why does fat Accumulate & How does lipoma Form

As we age, many people find that they are more likely to gain weightAnd these fats are hard to lose. This may be due to poor blood circulation, slower metabolism and decreased ability of lymphatic drainage to break down fat as we age.

JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring

The decline of fat decomposition ability and lymphatic detoxification function leads to the decline of the ability of immune cells such as lymphocytes and mononuclear phagocytes in the body to monitor tumorigenic factors, coupled with changes in the internal environment in the body, chronic inflammation stimulation, systemic Under the conditions of abnormal fat metabolism and other incentives, the activity of lipoma tumorigenic factors is further enhanced and combined with certain gene fragments in normal cells of the body to form abnormal gene mutations, causing abnormal hyperplasia between normal fat cells and surrounding tissue cells, resulting in fat loss. A mass that deposits tissue and protrudes to the body surface or various internal organs, that is, a lipoma.

What is fluorite &Benefits of JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring to the human body

JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring

Fluorite — One of the more beautiful minerals in nature, crystal glass luster, bright colors, under the circumstances of friction, heating, ultraviolet irradiation can glow. The mineral comes from volcanic magma, formed during the cooling process of magma, and contains various mineral elements that are beneficial to human health. Plus, their special structure allows them to scatter negative ions, which are many times more effective than other metallic minerals.

Our JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring is hand-polished and sculpted with high purity collectible grade fluorite. The ore source is the Dome Mountain in France. The fluorite in this producing area contains the highest mineral types and contents that have therapeutic effects on human body. Combined with the negative ion effect of the ring itself, it can help accelerate the metabolism of the human body to decompose fat, and at the same time, it can supplement the mineral elements that the human body lacksrelieving the common headache, joint and muscle pain. Meanwhile, experimental tests and clinical feedback show that JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring has a good effect on the treatment of various lymph node enlargement and lipoma.

JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring

How the JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring works on the body

1.This ring is mainly made of fluorite. It has negative ions and various trace minerals that the human body lacks. Through contact with the human body, it can release negative ion waves to help decompose the accumulated fat in the human body. The special structure of fluorite can increase the effect of negative ions by 3 to 4 times. Thoroughly acts on the fat layer.At the same time, the minerals contained in the ring penetrate the human body through the skin to participate in the internal circulation, act on the lipoma, eliminate inflammation and relieve pain, and cooperate with the decomposition effect of negative ions to slowly and completely remove the decomposed lipoma.

2.With modern working methods, diet and environmental problems, the overall immunity of various groups of people has declined. This also makes people suffer from inflammation and swelling of lymph nodes and various glands. The various rare minerals contained in this ring can help the body speed up blood and lymph circulation, so as to achieve the effects of detoxification, anti-inflammation, swelling and pain relief.

JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring

3.Overwork and the body’s vasoconstriction and dilation function are confused, leading to headaches. The rare minerals in this ring can improve blood vessel function and enhance blood supply to the brain. At the same time, the ingredients act on the muscles and brain nerves to relieve fatigue. To achieve the effect of treating and relieving headaches.

4.Through the way of wearing, various rare minerals contained in the fluorite ring penetrate into the human body. It acts on inflammatory joints and muscle tissue to stimulate the production of human immune phagocytes and repair cells. Relieve joint inflammation and muscle fatigue and soreness.

JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring

Why more than 10,000 people are willing to choose Fluorite therapy ring

✅ Promotes Weight Loss
✅ Helps Burn Fat
✅ Boosts Blood Flow & Circulation
✅ Natural fluorite, without any side effects
✅ Relieve muscle soreness and joint inflammation
✅ Contains a variety of minerals that are scarce in the human body
✅ Relieve headaches, relieve anxiety
✅ fashion and beauty
✅ Can shine brilliantly at night

  • Made in USA(FDA Approved)
  • Varaints: Black, Red, Blue,Orange
  • Dimensions: optional
  • Negative Ions: 1533 IONS/CMF
  • material:High purity fluorite
  • Waterproof, Sweatproof, Washable
  • Package Include:1PC x JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring
JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring

Note: 1.Please allow 0.1-0.3cm differences due to manual measurement, thanks.

2.This product is made of original fluorite grinding and carving, please do not bump it hard to avoid damage.

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JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring
JZR ™ Fluorite therapy ring
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