Keovp™ Ultimate Infrared Penetrative Glasses


Keovp™ Ultimate Infrared Penetrative Glasses – See Through Walls, Craft with Confidence

How it works?

Keovp™ glasses reveals internal wall structures, with pipes, electronic wires and body shapes shown in different colors. This is made possible by detecting temperature variations, as pipes and cables have distinct temperatures compared to the wall.

iRosesilk™ Infrared Penetrative Glasses

The glasses highlight different substances, such as wood, metal, or water pipes, due to varying absorption and reflection. Finely tuned lenses detect these changes, and a sophisticated detection system within the glasses converts transmitted wave patterns into a visual representation.

iRosesilk™ Infrared Penetrative Glasses

Operating on advanced principles derived from X-ray technology, use specially designed lenses that emit low-intensity infrared waves—similar to X-rays but with a safe and controlled energy level. These infrared waves interact with objects, penetrating materials like walls.

By harnessing controlled infrared waves, Keovp™ glasses provide a scientifically sound and practical tool for seeing through walls and identifying concealed elements within structures.

iRosesilk™ Infrared Penetrative Glasses

What makes Keovp™ Infrared Penetrative Glasses Your Great Choice?

  • Reveals hidden electronic wires and water pipes behind walls
  • Simplifies home improvement and maintenance tasks
  • Makes the invisible visible
  • Enhances understanding of inner workings in living spaces
  • Efficient solution to age-old challenges
  • Seamless integration into DIY projects
  • Ushers in a new era of clarity
  • Visionary eyewear for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Keovp™ Ultimate Infrared Penetrative Glasses

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Keovp™ Ultimate Infrared Penetrative Glasses
Keovp™ Ultimate Infrared Penetrative Glasses
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