Kepvp™ Ultrasonic Pet Worming Instrument


Have you been constantly worried about pet skin issues and flea problems? Worry no more! The Kepvp™ Ultrasonic Pet Worming Instrument not only easily eliminates pet skin issues but also continuously prevents and treats those pesky fleas on your pet. It’s a safe, effective, and long-lasting solution, guaranteeing no fleas within 10 meters. Kepvp™ Ultrasonic Pet Worming Instrument comes in adjustable sizes to ensure it fits pets of various sizes, and it’s comfortable, secure, and won’t cause discomfort to your pet. Don’t let skin issues and fleas bother your pet anymore; provide the best care and protection for your beloved companion!

This portable device employs advanced ultrasonic technology, emitting high-frequency waves to create an invisible barrier, keeping away pesky bugs. The ultrasonic waves disrupt the feeding and mating behaviors of these pests, providing an effective deterrent without any harm to animals or the environment. As your pet moves through different spaces, Kepvp™ Ultrasonic Pet Worming Instrument ensures they won’t get bitten by bugs, offering a defensive barrier against the unseen threats that often lurk in grassy areas, streets, the air, or any new places your pet explores..

The scientific principle behind Kepvp™ Ultrasonic Pet Wormer Instrument is both fascinating and straightforward— the emitted ultrasonic waves disrupt the pest’s ability to locate and attach onto the host. This interference with the pests’ behavior not only prevents them from hitching a ride on your pet but also stops them from breeding on your furry friend.Wearing Kepvp™ on our pets won’t harm them or emit any strong odors that might bother them. It provides protection for your pet in any environment!

Kepvp™ Ultrasonic Pet Worming Instrument has the following product features:

  • Specification: Kepvp™ Ultrasonic Pet Wormer Instrument
  • Suitable for: All Pets
  • Lifespan: 365 Days
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Kepvp™ Ultrasonic Pet Worming Instrument
Kepvp™ Ultrasonic Pet Worming Instrument
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