KISSHI™ SignalMax Sticker


KISSHI™ SignalMax Sticker

Why Your Phone Signal Goes Poof! Here’s the Scoop:

Here’s a breakdown of why this happens:

KISSHI™ SignalMax Sticker

Distance from Cell Towers: One of the most common reasons for a signal drop is your physical distance from the nearest cell tower. Cell towers have a limited range, and the farther you are from one, the weaker your signal becomes.

Physical Obstructions: Everyday objects and materials like buildings, hills, trees, and even walls can obstruct the signal between your phone and the cell tower.

Network Congestion: During peak times, when many people are using their phones in the same area, the network can get overloaded, leading to a drop in signal quality.

Weather Conditions: Severe weather conditions like heavy rain, thunderstorms, or even extreme heat can interfere with your phone signal.

Phone Condition: Older phones or phones with damaged antennas can struggle to maintain a strong connection to the network.

Carrier-Specific Issues: Network outages, maintenance, or technical issues on their end can result in temporary signal drops.

Boost Your Signal with KISSHI SignalMax Sticker

KISSHI™ SignalMax Sticker

Welcome to the future of uninterrupted connectivity! Introducing the KISSHI™ SignalMax Sticker – your ultimate solution for all those frustrating signal problems. Whether it’s weak cell reception, spotty Wi-Fi, or network congestion woes, the power of enhanced connectivity is now at your fingertips.

KISSHI™ SignalMax Sticker: Connectivity Redefined

✓ Boosted Signal Strength: Targets signal sources for a notably stronger, more reliable connection.

✓ Faster Internet: Dramatically increases data speed, offering up to 10x faster internet.

✓ Simple Installation: Universally fits all phones, easy to attach without any tools or expertise.

✓ Clear Signal Filtering: Effectively eliminates interference for uninterrupted communication.

✓ Sleek Design: Ultra-thin and discreet, it enhances your phone’s functionality without affecting its look.


Compatibility: Universal design, compatible with a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Wi-Fi routers.

Material: Made from a specialized, durable material with embedded signal amplification properties.

Diameter: 26mm

Package Includes: 1 x KISSHI™ SignalMax Sticker

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KISSHI™ SignalMax Sticker
KISSHI™ SignalMax Sticker
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