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Tiny kitchens make for gigantic pains. We learned that the hard way.

There’s no room for garbage cans. We need every corner, nook, and cranny for food and utensils.

We know what you’re thinking, put the can under the sink. But have you looked under there lately? Talk about tiny spaces.

And even if you lucked out and got a big kitchen, chances are you’ve still got problems. Like having the can too far away from your prep area.

Try carrying your fruit and veggie peels across the room without dropping them. Not possible. At least one apple core is ending up on your floor.

This Kitchen Garbage Bin kitchen garbage can changes everything.

It’s compact, lightweight, and hangs off your cabinet door so it’s always close to your prep area.


  • Hang it anywhere. Who says trash cans are floor only? Hang this off any cabinet door and keep it close to your prep area, where you need it most.
  • Push-top. Easily open the lid without making a mess. It pushes open with one hand or even one finger. Talk about easy.
  • Automatic lid return. Done with your trash? The lid automatically snaps back to keep odors out of your kitchen and in the can where they belong.
  • Eco-friendly. You don’t need special bags to make this work, just reuse your grocery bags. Easy for you, good for the environment.
  • Tool-free installation. The can just clips onto your cabinet door, no tools required. Install it in seconds and move it around whenever and wherever.

Big spaces, small spaces, and anywhere in between.

This trash can saves valuable floor space and fits anywhere. Your kitchen, office, bathroom, even your RV.

Get this Pro Chef garbage bin today and transform your kitchen from an amateur work space into a professional one.

Save time and go hassle-free. You don’t have to be a professional chef to live like one

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