Kitchen Oil Blotting Paper

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A kitchen paper that is perfect in absorbing excess oil and impurities floating.

Fried foods look less appetizing when there is too much oil in the plate. It is hard to estimate the amount of oil on whether it will affect the food’s quality or the plating. Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as we introduce you the KITCHEN OIL BLOTTING PAPER.

Kitchen Oil Blotting Paper is a FOOD OIL ABSORBING PAPER that is made of HIGH-QUALITY FOOD GRADE MATERIAL. It is SAFE and NON-TOXIC. It can EFFECTIVELY ABSORB OIL or GREASE from FOOD, and it can PREVENT the EXCESSIVE INTAKE of FAT transforming your food choices to a HEALTHIER one. It is ULTRA-THIN yet SUPER ABSORBENT.

Kitchen Oil Blotting Paper has a HIGH HEAT TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE and can work up to 115° C. It has a SUCTION OPENING to PREVENT the FILM from FLOATING during COOKING TIME. It is VERY EASY to USE just PUT the FILM in the POT before COOKING the FOOD and let it do its work. It can also be a paper strainer when deep frying foods.

Product Specification :

  • 24 pcs of Kitchen Oil Blotting Paper
  • Size 8 inch diameter
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Kitchen Oil Blotting Paper