Konix Lymphatic Clip Detox Magnetic Therapy Earrings


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Konix Lymphatic Clip Detox Magnetic Therapy Earrings
“Having a blockage on my lymphatic system is so annoying because it causes my legs to swell and now it is getting worse. I found these Hato Magnetic Acupuncture Slimming Earrings and it says that it helps to improve blood circulation which can remove the blockage on the lymphatic system. It works amazingly! After 4 weeks of using these earrings, the swelling on my legs has been removed and I even lost 23 pounds of weight. I love my transformation with the help of these beautiful earrings, from wearing large sizes of clothes to small sizes of clothes!!”

Shania Weston, 35, Green Bay, Wisconsin

I’ve been gaining weight too much lately and it causes my arms and feet to swell. I can’t walk properly and I can’t move my arms anymore because it feels so heavy. This Hato Magnetic Acupuncture Slimming Earrings helps to enhance my lymphatic function in just 5 weeks of wearing it, my blood has been improved too. In those 5 weeks it also helped me to lose 28 pounds of weight. That’s why now, I can wear extra small sizes of clothes now. My body has the shape that I always wanted! My arms and feet are not swelling anymore, my arms don’t have the saggy thing anymore. I highly recommend this product!

Melanie Brooks, 31, Queens, New York

Konix Lymphatic Clip Detox Magnetic Therapy Earrings

“I have this bothersome double chin that gets me annoyed everytime I look in the mirror. I tried some creams and masks that promised to remove this excess flab on my chin but they were not successful. Then I came upon these CrownMAGNE Lymphvity Therapeutic Earrings online and thought that it might work. Luckily it did! A few weeks of wearing had already reduced the fats by as much as 65%. After two months my double chin diminished leaving a more contoured shape of my jaw line area. I am very satisfied!”

Susan Humphrey, 32, Chicago, Illinois

Have you heard about the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is an extensive network of vessels, nodes, and ducts that pass through almost all bodily tissues. It allows the circulation of a fluid called lymph through the body in a similar way to blood. This is essential for fluid balance, absorption of fatty acids in the stomach, and immune system regulation.

What is the lymphatic System and how lymphatic blockages occur?

Konix Lymphatic Clip Detox Magnetic Therapy Earrings

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, vessels and organs that work together to move a colorless, watery fluid called lymph back into your circulatory system (your bloodstream).  According to Cleveland Clinic, 20 liters of plasma flow through your body’s arteries and smaller arteriole blood vessels and capillaries every day.

The Lymphatic System:

  • Maintains fluid levels in your body
  • Absorbs fats from the digestive tract
  • Protects your body against foreign invaders
  • Transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph.

Konix Lymphatic Clip Detox Magnetic Therapy Earrings

The Lymphatic System works like the “sewage disposal structure of the human body. It sucks up the body’s harmful fats and eliminates excess cellulite. Let’s learn more about it:

Lymph, also called lymphatic fluid, is a collection of the extra fluid that drains from cells and tissues (that is not reabsorbed into the capillaries) plus other substances. The other substances include proteins, minerals, fats, nutrients, damaged cells, cancer cells and foreign invaders (bacteria, viruses, etc). Lymph also transports infection-fighting white blood cells (lymphocytes).

One of the causes of abnormal lymph nodes in the body is called Lymphedema which refers to tissue swelling caused by an accumulation of protein-rich fluid that’s usually drained through the body’s lymphatic system. It most commonly affects the arms or legs, but can also occur in the chest wall, abdomen, neck and genitals. Lymph nodes are an important part of your lymphatic system.


“The study behind using magnets for medicinal purposes stems from the Renaissance period. Magnets possessed a living energy, and they would wear a ring, bracelet or piece of metallic material  infighting disease and infections or to relieve chronic pain. Some studies show that a magnetic field has a direct effect on nerves by inhibiting their ability to chemically transmit electrochemical messages of pain from 1 neuron to the next. The recent study has shown the application of magnetic therapy produced a positive effect on all the constituent components of the microcirculatory blood stream of the patients suffering from lymphedema,”  said Dr. Malcolm. “This ring contains a minute but quintuple but dominant magnetic system to remarkably diminish swelling on lymph nodes and reduce 60% excess lymph fluid in consistent use for 3 months.” Overall magnets seem  promising and generally have very few side effects plus the fact that they are far less dangerous than using drugs or surgery.

Konix Lymphatic Clip Detox Magnetic Therapy Earrings

How do magnets help with acupuncture?

The primary cause of dysfunction in the acupuncture channel system is qi stagnancy or electromagnetic static. One of the main uses of magnets is to break static and re-establish the qi dynamics or flow of the electromagnetic field. Monopole magnets are a unique form of therapy that perfectly epitomizes the energetic qualities of yin/yang and constitutes a comfort given in the complex world of energetic healing.

Konix Lymphatic Clip Detox Magnetic Therapy Earrings

Magnetic therapy with acupuncture, a magnet is placed in the same section of your body that an acupuncture would focus on during an acupuncture process in an attempt to clear your energy pathways or channels.

What Makes the Hato Magnetic Acupuncture Slimming Earrings your great choice:

  • Promotes healthier blood circulation
  • Helps to remove fats
  • Helps body detoxification
  • Helps eliminate toxic metals
  • Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids
  • Promotes balance, clarity, and manifestation
  • Reduces stress and anxiety and weight loss
  • Eliminates swelling in your body
  • A great natural solution for lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces adipose tissues
  • Effective Lymphatic Detoxification
  • Release 10x more Negative Ions that Maximizes Fat Burning
  • Unclog Bloodstream and Lymph Nodes

Konix Lymphatic Clip Detox Magnetic Therapy Earrings


  • Material: Medical grade magnets, Premium Zinc Alloy

Konix Lymphatic Clip Detox Magnetic Therapy Earrings

Package Includes: 

  • 1 Pair x Konix Lymphatic Clip Detox Magnetic Therapy Earrings
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Konix Lymphatic Clip Detox Magnetic Therapy Earrings
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