Latest Kids Rechargeable Remote Control Dinosaur

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Latest Kids Rechargeable Remote Control Dinosaur

Product Details

  • Realistic Walking RC Dinosaur
  • Multi-function Dinosaur
  • Fun Playing
  • Rechargeable RC Dinosaur
  • High Quality
  • Best Gift For Kids


Product Details

Super Value Realistic Walking RC Dinosaur Toy for Kids

This realistic dinosaur toy is able to walk flexibly indoor and outdoor, use the remote controller to make it action, there will be simulated sound out of it, which makes you feel you’re at Jurassic Journey! More dinosaur models have been added to the children’s dinosaur world, including a brachiosaurus, a Spinosaurus, a stegosaurus, two trees and two rocks.

Multi-function Dinosaur for Kids

The Dinosaur toys aim to promote interaction and communication among children. Because of their excitement and imagination, they inevitably share their thoughts with their playmates. This RC Dinosaur toy is great for developing the multi-skills along with the enhancement of child’s imagination, creativity, and role-playing skills. The body and tail can be flexibly swung, and the functions of forward, backward, left and right can be realized by remote control.

Rechargeable RC Dinosaur Toy

Super long playback time-equipped with rechargeable 3.7V 1200 mAh battery, 2 hours charging time can last up to 60 minutes uninterrupted operation. With USB charging cable. Remote controller requires 2×1.5V ‘AA’ (not included). Allowing your kids to experience a longer and uninterrupted gaming time. The one-click demo function allows younger children to experience the infinite fun of dinosaurs. This dinosaur toy is perfect for autistic children.

Ideal Gift for Kids

Every child is a dinosaur fan, he really wanted a dinosaur toy. This large remote-controlled dinosaur toy can stimulate children’s imagination. An educational dinosaur toy can help kids learn dinosaur knowledge and prehistoric culture. Dinosaur toys are the suitable gift for 3 4 5 6 7 8+ year old kids, surprise on children’s birthday, Halloween, Christmas. Dinosaur toy is a surprise for the kids age 3-5.

High Quality

This Dinosaur Toy is made of Durable Non-Toxic BPA-Free safe material. With smooth surface design, there are no sharp edges or corners that can hurt your child.

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Latest Kids Rechargeable Remote Control Dinosaur