Leak-Free Hanging Car Trash Bin

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Get rid of all your mess and unwanted trash in just a few seconds with this Leak-Free Hanging Car Trash Bin! Takes up a comfortable environment, will keep your car clean, organized, and free of trash!

Perfect and applicable for car storage bags, keeping items such as tissue, toys, trash, and other accessories. Easy to use in just a single hanging!

Won’t emit an unpleasant odor, a leak-proof/waterproof design for comfortable driving! Providing a maximum strength, durability and longevity!


• Quick Access Car Trash Organizer

Portable car organizer, giving you mess-free and keeping your car clean and clutter-free! Clips Near you for easy access

• Leak-proof Car Garbage Bag

Made with heavy-duty 500 denier polyester with metal frame closure, and anti-leak protected, won’t spill on your car

• Odorless & Easy to Clean

Can easily remove trash from your car by simply press the quick-release buckle.

Won’t sustain unpleasant odor and easy for washing and reusing for a long period of time!

• Easy to Hang & Adjustable

Has an adjustable hanging strap, adjusts on any level and can be place on car seats or car center console!

• Easy to Use

Can be hung easily with quick installation process! Simply clip on car console/ car seat and done!

• Universally Applicable

Will keep your car clean and debris-free when traveling! Suitable on all types of vehicle models such as cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, RV, buses, etc.


• Material: Acrylic
• Colors:  Black
• Dimension:


• Leak-Free Hanging Car Trash Bin x 1pc

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Leak-Free Hanging Car Trash Bin