LeanArom™ Fat Burning Perfume Aromatherapy


LeanArom™ Fat Burning Perfume Aromatherapy
LeanArom™ Fat Burning Perfume Aromatherapy

Unleash the captivating power of scent with FemmeLibre™xBarbie Fat Burning Perfume – the revolutionary fat-burning perfume that goes beyond fragrance. Crafted with a potent blend of ingredients, LeanArom™ Fat Burning Perfume Aromatherapy contains compounds that release B-endorphins found in the skin, transmitting a ‘pleasure message’ through the brain. This triggers an incredible sense of well-being and contentment, effectively reducing the urge to overeat.

Morning and night, indulge in a scented ritual that not only uplifts your spirits but also helps sculpt and slim your body’s contours. Gently massage AromaTrim™x into targeted areas to enhance the effects of its slimming complex and lipolysis. Dr. Emily Turner, a distinguished nutrition scientist and recipient of the prestigious “Nutrition Research Excellence Award,” is thrilled to endorse LeanArom™ Fat Burning Perfume Aromatherapy. As an expert in the field, Dr. Turner was involved in a groundbreaking clinical study on the perfume’s efficacy.

The study revealed impressive results, with 95% of participants reporting a feeling of comfort after application and 85% appreciating its pleasant fragrance, expressing a willingness to wear it daily. More significantly, 93% felt a notable reduction in the need to snack, while 75% experienced a significant weight loss.

LeanArom™ Fat Burning Perfume Aromatherapy has the following product features:


  • Type: perfume
  • Net Content: 15 ml
  • Shelf Life: 5 years
  • Scent Options: Top notes – Peach,Mandarin Orange, Grapefruit, Base notes – combination of Musk and Vanilla with Patchouli and Sandalwood
  • Package: 1 x LeanArom™ Fat Burning Perfume Aromatherapy
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