LED Neon Party Disguise


LED Neon Party Disguise

LED Neon Party Disguise

Looking to stand out at this Halloween? These LED Light Up Purge Mask’s will definitely do the trick! You will easily have the best costume!


  • Comes in 9 colors

  • The mask control have 4 modes:
    • Steady Light
    • Slow flash
    • Fast flash
    • Off
  • Light uniform, soft, do not flicker, will not make the eyes produce tension, fatigue.

  • Wired neon glowing Electroluminescent (EL wire) is woven into the mask.
  • Made of durable PVC, has no UV harm, NO adverse effects on the human body.
  • With some foam glued to inside that make it much more comfortable to wear than the masks that didn’t have it. Full of your face be covered.comfortable fit that conforms to your face with soft padding

  • Takes two AA batteries (not included).
  • Clip the power pack to your pocket or onto your clothing.

  • The Mask Can be used on any Occasional such as Party, Rave Parties, Discos, Clubs, Halloween ,Birthdays, Festivals and Events.These are awesome to pair with you and your friends.

  • Size: 8.6in x 6.8in

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