Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame


Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame


The alluring tale of perfume’s charm calls, with everyone dreaming of a captivating scent. Be sure to take your fragrance with you wherever you go!

Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame

Are you wanting to draw attention? Are you wanting to remind your S.O. of your unique connection? Do you need some extra confidence? Look no further than Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame! This scent is crafted to help you in your pursuits. Whether you’re interested in someone or looking to make new connections, this captivating frag will make that happen. It will radiate an exciting flame of enthusiasm, giving you the allure you need. Don’t wait, get yours today!

Provoke feelings of desire and trust. Our fragrance can make you more attractive – no effort required! With surveys from three sources to back us up, the product is scientifically proven to increase attraction. Women, enjoy the added charm of human pheromone oil perfume and boost your chemistry today. Get ready to feel an incredible transformation, and take pleasure in life.

Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame
What are Pheromones?

Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame

Pheromones are biochemical substances produced by an animal that affect the behavior of others of the same species. Pheromones influence more than just sexual interactions; they may be involved in a wide variety of behaviors, including aggression, decision-making, and mating. These compounds, typically found in bodily secretions, can be sensed through the olfactory sense, although humans often underestimate their smelling capacity. Most research has centered on the 16-androstenes found in axillary sweat, though other odorous molecules may also be present.

Fragrance that enhances your attractive aura effortlessly.

Liascy™ brings you AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame, combining a captivating fragrance and advanced ion binding to create a uniquely delightful scent. This perfume interacts with your own hair scent or sweat emission in a charming way. Experiencing the allure of your hair scent as you embrace your partner might be attributed to pheromones – these chemical signals play a role in mate attraction and are often released from the scalp.

What makes AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame so special?

Numerous individuals strive to make sense of the things that draw them to certain people, making the realm of attraction a complex one. If you are one of these seekers, you’re not alone. Enter Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame Intense, a formula designed to unlock the mysteries of your pheromone-driven appeal and true desires. This intense fragrance is also known for its subtle charm and impressive efficacy, providing users with assistance in ethical, romantic, and social matters.

Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame

Discover the power of the AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame to bolster self-esteem and open up new chances. This concoction deepens understanding, both when it comes to existing and possible connections. Drawing in newfound experiences is just one aspect; this AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame also relights the flame of passion in one’s private realm. Use its concentrated essence to explore the means of developing closer ties, accessing one’s true identity and desires without conscious effort.

Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame

Luscious layers of notes

This intricately crafted perfume tells its story with three captivating layers. The top layer opens like a sunlit dawn, with a lively mix of invigorating notes to awaken the senses. As you explore further, the heart layer blooms, exuding the charm of a reviving garden. Finally, the base layer enriches with its silky feel, leaving an air of sophistication and appeal that lingers on the skin. Each layer of this perfume builds a harmonious braid of scent, both graceful and inviting.


Top notes: Blue Campanula, lilac, orange blossom, lemon

At the start, the scent radiates a calming garden aroma kissed by the morning sun. Blue Campanula adds a sweet floral freshness, accompanied by the gentle scent of lilac and the delicate orange blossom aroma. A touch of zesty lemon joins in, creating an energizing blast that stirs the senses.


Middle notes: Persimmon, wild rose, jasmine, Lily of the Valley

The heart of this perfume reveals an intricate tapestry of notes; evoking a secret garden in full bloom. Persimmon’s warmth and exoticism mingle with the velvety wild rose. Jasmine’s alluring and sensual character mesmerizes, while Lily of the Valley imparts a hint of innocence. All together, this floral ensemble creates an immersive experience that envelops the wearer in elegance.


Base notes: Musk

The perfecting touches of this captivating scent reveal itself as the musky base-notes emerge. This timeless, enduring element binds the floral notes, enhancing their nuances and adding a comforting warmth. This harmonious blend culminates in a trail of subtle sophistication, enthralling those around to catch the final whispers of the perfume. Together, the three layers create a mesmerizing olfactory experience, artfully capturing nature’s beauty.

What makes AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame unique?

Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame

Combining the most enticing aromas, this fragrance is a blend of pheromones that will capture the attention of those around you. Conveniently housed in a stick and matte format, this perfume is easy to apply while on-the-go with its strong scent lasting for several hours – even through bathing. No need to worry about staining bedroom or closet items, as this solid perfume is designed to prevent such problems. Perfect for any occasion, Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame is a must-have for anyone.

  • Strengthen Your Relationships
  • Increase Your Internal Pheromone Production, Improving Self-Assurance & Intimacy
  • A Classic, Uplifting Aroma
  • Premium Concentration of Superior-Grade Pheromones
  • Luxuriously Soft & Nourishing Formula to Enhance
  • Pheromone Inhalation
  • Enhance Your Natural Scent with this Fragrant Magnetism

Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame


  • Ingredient: Blue Campanula, lilac, orange blossom, lemon,  Persimmon, wild rose, jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Musk

Package Included:

  • 1 x Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame

Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame

CC™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame
Liascy™ AmourLuv Parfum Pour Dame
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