Lifesafer™ Choking Rescue Device


Protect your loved one with Lifesafer™ Choking Rescue Device

The Lifesafer™ Choking Rescue Device is an essential tool that can help save lives in choking emergencies. This device is designed to effectively restore the respiratory system of both adults and children in cases of choking. It is a compact and easy-to-use tool that can be stored in your home, workplace, or even in your car, ensuring that you have quick access to it in case of an emergency.

We hope everyone doesn’t have to use it. But everyone must have one at home. So if you give it as a gift to a friend or family you love, it’s like giving them security and care, and they’re sure to thank you for it all year long.



  • 0-4 minutes: Brain damage unlikely
  • 4-6 minutes: Brain damage possible
  • 6-10 minutes: Brain damage probable
  • 10 minutes +: Probably brain death

Even adults can choke at times, and if effective measures are not taken in time, this is often a fatal danger!


Professional Choking Emergency Device for Adult and Children can solve these problems and save lives in the first place.


How Does It work?

Lifesafer™ is designed with a patented valve to prevent any air from exiting through the mask. This patented designed valve prevents air from pushing food or objects downward. This creates a one-way suction to remove the lodged food or object.

Easy To Use

The most effective results can be achieved in a simple way, and everyone knows how to use it.

Can Be Used By The Elderly And Children

Each set is equipped with two different sizes of masks, ensuring that your family is in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can LifeVac be used on yourself in an emergency?

    Yes. The LifeVac was designed to be easy to use. Easy enough that if you live alone, you can use LifeVac on yourself in a choking emergency.
  2. Is Lifesafer FDA Approved?Lifesafer is FDA registered as a Class II medical device.  It is exempt from pre-market clearance. The FDA does not require a pre-market review of the LifeVac device. Currently, in the United States, all portable suction devices are required to be registered with the FDA, not approved.
  3. Does the Lifesafer expire?No.  The LifeVac device will NOT have to be replaced unless used to save the life of a choking victim. Only the mask will need to be replaced every 2-3 years.
  4. Do you need to be laying down to use the Lifesafer?

    The LifeVac can be used in any position.  (Sitting, standing, laying down). We have had reports where moms have used the rescue device in a high chair, laying their child down on the floor, and even sitting on their lap.

Package Includes: Lifesafer™ Choking Rescue Device (Adult Mask x1, Paediatric Mask x1)

Lifesafer™ Choking Rescue Device
Lifesafer™ Choking Rescue Device
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