LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax


LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax

LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax

Unveil the secret to effortless and pain-free hair removal with our LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax – a water-based, skin-purifying wax that transforms your grooming routine into a luxurious self-care experience. Infused with the goodness of natural beeswax, our innovative formula is meticulously crafted to gently and effectively remove unwanted hair from your armpits, arms, and entire body. Embrace the soothing touch of nature as you bid farewell to harsh chemicals, and say hello to a cleaner, smoother you.

Product Features:

Advanced Formulation:Our wax features a scientifically crafted, water-based formula for optimal hair removal results, blending efficacy and skin compatibility.

Natural Beeswax Fusion:Enriched with bioactive compounds, the wax incorporates natural beeswax for a smooth application and soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits.

Bio-Adhesive Technology:

Utilizing innovative bio-adhesive tech, our wax ensures optimal hair adherence while minimizing discomfort during removal for an efficient and comfortable experience.

Micro-Emulsion Particles:The inclusion of micro-emulsion particles facilitates precise encapsulation and removal of unwanted hair, leaving behind a clean and refined skin surface.

Dermatologically Tested:

Rigorously tested for safety and efficacy, our wax meets the highest dermatological standards, ensuring a quality product for your grooming needs.

LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax Main Ingredients:

LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax

Aqua (Water): The base of our formulation, providing a hydrating foundation for effective application.

Cera Alba (Natural Beeswax): Rich in bioactive compounds, natural beeswax contributes to the wax texture while offering soothing and anti-inflammatory properties for a gentle hair removal experience.

Emulsifying Agents (e.g., Cete aryl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60): Scientifically selected emulsifiers ensure a stable and smooth consistency, enhancing the wax’s ability to encapsulate and remove unwanted hair.

Glycerin: A humectant that helps maintain skin moisture levels, promoting a supple and hydrated complexion during and after the hair removal process.

How to Use LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax:

LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax

1. Prepare the Area: Start by ensuring that the skin is clean and dry. Avoid applying any moisturizers or lotions to the area to be depilated.

2. Apply in the Direction of Hair Growth: Get a small amount of LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax onto the desired area, applying it in the direction of hair growth. This ensures that the wax adheres to the hair for effective removal.

3. Place Hair Removal Paper: Immediately after applying the wax, cover the treated area with the provided hair removal paper. Smooth the paper over the wax and gently press it to ensure proper adhesion.

4. Swift Removal without Waiting: Unlike traditional methods, there’s no need to wait for the wax to dry. Quickly and confidently pull off the paper, ensuring a swift and efficient removal process.

5. Rinse with Warm Water: Once the hair removal process is complete, rinse the remaining LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax from the skin with warm water.


Net Weight: 300g

Size:5.7*8.1 6*6*8.5CM

Package Include: 1 x LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax

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LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax
LIMETOW™ Breeze Pure Body Wax
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