LIMETOW™ Smoking Control Patch


LIMETOW™ Smoking Control Patch

How do our quit smoking patches help you quit smoking?

Our quit smoking patches are formulated with natural herbal extracts and other supporting ingredients to provide a gentle, effective way to quit smoking. Their main function is to reduce cravings and relieve the discomfort of quitting smoking.
Nicotine substitutes: The nicotine substitutes in quit smoking patches can alleviate the craving for tobacco when quitting smoking and help reduce dependence on tobacco.

Anxiety-relieving ingredients: The anxiety-relieving ingredients in the quit smoking patch can reduce the stress and anxiety of quitting smoking and help you cope with the challenges of quitting smoking more easily.

LIMETOW™ Smoking Control Patch

The harm of smoking to the human body is well known, and quitting smoking is a very important health measure. However, for many smokers, quitting smoking is a difficult task. In this case, quit smoking patches are a popular alternative to quit smoking, which can help smokers gradually reduce their dependence on nicotine and ultimately achieve the goal of quitting smoking.

Our Tobacco Control Patch is an innovative product with a scientific formula designed to help smokers reduce cravings and quit smoking. By being attached to the body, the tobacco control patch gradually releases specific ingredients to help reduce the discomfort and craving when quitting smoking, thereby helping smokers gradually reduce their dependence on tobacco.

LIMETOW™ Smoking Control Patch

Product ingredients:

Coriander leaf extract: It has sedative and anti-anxiety effects and can help reduce tension and anxiety when quitting smoking.

Licorice root extract: has a soothing effect on throat and respiratory tract discomfort, which can relieve coughs and throat discomfort caused by quitting smoking.

Polygonatum odorifera extract: It has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, helping to purify the respiratory tract and relieve the inflammatory reaction when quitting smoking.

Tea extract: Rich in antioxidants, it helps remove free radicals in the body and promotes good health.


1. Tear off the protective film of the quit smoking patch.
2. Place the quit smoking patch on your arms, wrists, thighs, ankles, and any part of your body that has no wounds.
3. Make sure the quit smoking patch fits the skin completely to ensure the effective absorption of herbal ingredients.
4. After applying the quit smoking patch, wash your hands to ensure cleanliness.

LIMETOW™ Smoking Control Patch

Package includes:1 x LIMETOW™ Smoking Control Patch 1 box (20 capsules per box)

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LIMETOW™ Smoking Control Patch
LIMETOW™ Smoking Control Patch
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