LipShine™ Vibrant Plumping Serum


LipShine™ Vibrant Plumping Serum
LipShine™ Vibrant Plumping Serum

Let us look at how our happy customers benefited from LipShine™ Vibrant Plumping Serum!

LipShine™ Vibrant Plumping Serum“I have used this plumping lip serum, & in a couple of minutes, I got this plumper and shiny lip! I am so addicted to this, and I’m going to keep on using this!” -Sarah Butler, Arizona, USA.
“My friend told me about this product. I was initially skeptical, but when I tried it, I got instant results! This makes my lips plumper than ever! Plus, it does not hurt, unlike other plumping products!” -Lily Smith, Colorado, USA
LipShine™ Vibrant Plumping Serum tackles everything about the lips!

It is rich in vitamin E and plumping peptides, and its hydrating collagen-boosting formulas will give you instant fuller, smoother & shiny results without the burning and tingling. Lip filler with no pain, only plump!

How makes it unique and compelling compared to others?

Lips are very delicate and susceptible to drying out because they don’t contain oil glands and don’t have natural moisturizing capabilities. That’s why moisturizing lip care is essential to avoid dry, chapped lips.

 Core Ingredients that make this so effective and safer than others

LipShine™ Vibrant Plumping Serum is formulated with safe and natural ingredients that mildly stimulate the lips, thus helping the plumping process, which gives a tingling sensation and makes your lips swell; the phenomenon causes blood to rush to the surface of your lips, forming a fuller, plumper, and shiny lips!

Commiphora Mukul resin extracts

This natural extract from a small thorny tree that is known as the tree of myrrh is an excellent moisturizer that restores skin hydration and is ideal for dry and cracked lips. Commiphora Mukul resin extracts, usually used in lip care products, have humectant properties that hydrate, and emollient properties, which support the skin barrier.

LipShine™ Vibrant Plumping Serum

Such products as Commiphora Mukul resin extracts lipstick and Commiphora Mukul resin extracts lip balm can also help blood circulation, speed up cell generation and make the lips smoother, plumper, and softer.

Here are some key benefits of this beautiful ingredient
  • Helps Heal Wounds
    Research has shown that Commiphora Mukul resin extracts can speed up wound healing, so it helps to apply some to cracked and chapped areas to heal them faster and protect them from further injury.
  • Protects From Sun Exposure
    Since lips are susceptible, even a little bit of sun exposure can cause discomfort, dryness, and flaking. Commiphora Mukul resin extracts have been shown to have photoprotective properties that help shield lips from this damage and soothe them from any sun-caused injury. However, you should always wear SPF on your lips too.
  • Anti-aging
    Our lips lose plumpness and get thinner as we age. Still, research has shown that Commiphora Mukul resin extracts may protect them from premature aging, even reverse the damage, improve lip texture, and reduce fine lines and cracking.
Other key Ingredients

Tocopherol VE
Deeply nourish the lips to improve chapped lips anti-oxidant

LipShine™ Vibrant Plumping Serum

Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil
Moisturizes, nourishes, softens cuticles, and maintains lip elasticity.

LipShine™ Vibrant Plumping Serum’s Highlights & Benefits

  • Infused with Vitamins & nutrients which nourish and soften lips
  • Glossy & sheer finish
  • Instant plump effect in less than a minute!
  • Natural & safe formula, no burning sensation
  • Long-lasting, can last up to 48 hrs after application
  • Moisturize and hydrates dry lips, eliminating lip cracks!


  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Net Volume: 4 ml

Package Includes:  (1,2,5,8 Pcs) x LipShine™ Vibrant Plumping Serum

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