LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub


LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub
LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub

Get your pouty lips on with LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub. With its unique blend of natural and organic ingredients, it is formulated to provide you with fuller, plumper, and more beautiful-looking lips in as little as 30 seconds. It even doubles as a lip moisturizer! 

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“I love this product. I have been using it every day for a week and my lips are definitely softer and more moisturized. The night version provides a lot of moisture, which is great for me because I suffer from dryness in the winter. The day version gives you a natural pink color and plumps your lips up, while still looking very natural. I am in love with both products.”—Jessie Clifford—28, Brooklyn, New York

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“I have tried lip plumper in the past and was really disappointed because of the pain, burning, and irritation that I experienced. I thought that I would never be able to find a lip plumper that wouldn’t harm my lips. This product is great because it is painless, inexpensive, and highly effective. It isn’t super dramatic but my lips were redder and looked more full immediately after I used it—not drastically, but they looked more natural with a beautiful pout. My”—Hannah Thomas— 30, Dallas, Texas 

Are dry lips a sign of a Major health problem?

Most of the time dry lips are just that — lips that have lost moisture because of dehydration, too much wind, or too much sun. Occasionally, however, dry lips may signal a more serious condition. When a health problem exists, dry or cracked lips could be one of many symptoms.

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LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub

Chapped lips are the result of dry, cracked skin on your lips due to cold or dry weather, sun exposure, frequent licking of your lips, or dehydration. You can treat chapped lips at home with the use of lip balm or ointment to ease any discomfort. Being under stress for a long period of time, with accompanying symptoms such as low mood and tiredness, can result in cracked lips. As well as this, a poor diet that is low in iron and B vitamins may lead to lips becoming dry and sore

Exfoliates, moisturize, and heal your lips.

Tired of the same plain old lip balm? Tired of dry, chapped lips? Treat your lips to a little self-care and exfoliate those lips with LIPSPA. Our LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub gently exfoliates your lips for soft smoothness, leaving behind a refreshingly clean feeling. Each bubble scrub is equivalent to 30 lip spas and leaves you with soft moisturized plump luscious lips.

LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub

Scrub away dead skin cells and help prevent dryness

Say goodbye to lip wrinkles, dead skin, and dark spots! Our LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub gently exfoliates your lips to reveal a soft youthful glow. This lip scrub will deeply cleanse, and absorb dirt and oil on the lips, leaving your lips with a smooth feeling and a natural happy color. Our formula is safe for daily use and effective in restoring your natural lip color.

Leave your lips feeling silky smooth and shiny.

LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub is a beautiful exfoliator that uses soap foam to gently soften and remove horny, dead skin, and makeup residue. Use sooth foam to exfoliate, without tingling from traditional scrubs and long-time sticky from lip balm scrub, quickly softened and remove horny, dead skin, and makeup residue.

LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub


  1. Centella
  2. Purslane
  3. Avocado

LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub

Centella is an effective ingredient not only in antiaging cosmetics but also for improving skin hydration. Therefore, Centella Asiatica can be used in moisturizing cosmetic formulations and also complement the treatment of dry and sensitive skin. The fresh plant may have a low potential for skin irritation.

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Marisa Garshick, Purslane makes for an effective moisturizer because it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids, especially alpha-linolenic acid, and contains natural moisturizing factors. “It also provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits through vitamins C, E, glutathione, and beta-carotene,” she says.

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Avocados are filled with natural oils that moisturize your skin. Some avocados are green and wrinkly, but they can make your skin glow and look younger! The vitamin A in avocados restores collagen to your skin. Vitamins E and C will protect your skin from sun damage. And the antioxidants improve the appearance of dark spots.

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Unique features of the LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub:

  • Perfect for daytime and nighttime use
  • Soothe and repair dry, peeling, and chapped lips.
  • It gives a volumizing effect while nourishing and hydrating the lips
  • Repair cracked lips by giving a rush of minty freshness
  • Keeps your lips amply moisturized, making them soft and supple
  • Contains only safe and natural ingredients
  • It delivers a soothing effect to wind-chapped or sun-burnt lips
  • It contains natural ingredients to help repair and plump lips
  • It will leave you with pouty lips, whether you are at work or play

LIPSPA Bubble Moisturizing LipScrub

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