LiquidBand Gel Band Aid

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LiquidBand Gel Band Aid

Flexible Healing Bandages!✨🩹✨

Regular bandages always have a problem to keep intact after going about daily activities. Every time when washing hands or touching something wet, the gauze part absorbs water and stays moist for a long time, becoming a perfect habitat for germs to grow, which also has a greater risk of infection. If only there was a better alternative that works as much as a simple bandage would do.

LiquidBand Gel Band Aid is the waterproof first aid antiseptic liquid bandage that can fully cover any cuts or wounds efficiently while healing the skin back to a healthy state! Not only does it not feel bulky on the skin, it is also well-guarded against water, dirt and dust from outside. Just apply generously to the affected areas, LiquidBand Gel Band Aid would protect current wounds and future wounds from occurring to the skin!

*It is recommended to disinfect the wound with alcohol before applying the liquid bandage.

*Make sure the wound is dry before application to the area.

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