Logic Blender – Portable Blender

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Logic Blender – Portable Blender

Make a tasty smoothie anywhere, anytime!

Are you always on the go and need a healthy snack?

Our LogicBlender Portable Blender can make sure you have a delicious smoothie everywhere you go!

The LogicBlender Portable Blender is easy to use and travel with plus the durable battery allows you to make up to 12 drinks on a single charge.

  • Healthier Choice – Eating healthy is made easy when your able to blend your favorite fruits and veggies anywhere, anytime using the LogicBlender Portable Blender
  • Fast and easy to use – Unlike a traditional blender you can make a quick smoothie/shake in 60 seconds without any headache.
  • Cleaning kit and charger included – Every  LogicBlender Portable Blender comes with its own cleaning kit and USB charger
  • We ship worldwide – We ship everywhere in the world! + Free Returns!
In addition, our LogicBlender Portable Blender gives you the freedom to make a mouthwatering Smoothie anywhere you might be. No need to look around for an outlet or look for a supermarket. The perfect size of our LogicBlender Portable Blender allows you to store it in your car’s cupholder but still be big enough to make all of you favorite drinks.
Logic Blender – Portable Blender
Original price was: $59.90.Current price is: $29.95. Select options