Long Knee Sleeve

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Keeps getting bothered by your knee pain? The newest Long Compression Knee Sleeve ergonomic design with extra adjustable wrap that will boost your circulation in targeted way which reduce varicose veins and swelling of legs while still being comfortable whether you are hiking, jogging, weightlifting in gym, cycling or sleeping.

Our leg compression sleeve provides ideal support and effective in managing knee pain, soreness and stiffness, enabling a speedy recovery from issues including Runner’s Knee, Meniscus Tear injuries.

With excellent lengthened 3D design provide a perfect 360° fit for comprehensive protection and warmth from your calf to thigh. With our sleeve, you can effectively prevent injuries caused by exercise or any activity that puts pressure on your knees and calf muscles. Instantly increase your performance and confidence.

Our knee sleeves with true graduated compression can promote blood circulation and oxygen flow to relieve knee and calf pain.

Running, mountain climbing, riding, football, basketball, tennis, old cold leg, fitness, baseball, obstacle course runs savage, drive, cycling, football, golf, skiing skating, weight lifting, boxing, hiking.

Material: Spandex 25%, Polyester 33%, Nylon 42%

1 Pair x  Long Knee Sleeve

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Long Knee Sleeve