Lucky Turquoise Six-Character Mantra Ring

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Wearing this Lucky Turquoise Six-Character Mantra Ring will not only offer you protection but also brings you power, good health, and good luck.


Whether you need a protective amulet, healing crystal, beautiful birthstone, or gorgeous jewelry, turquoise is the stone for you. Within this serene blue stone lies an entire world of magnetic properties and uses.

Turquoise Stone is one of the most popular of the Healing and Good Fortune Gemstones. It embodies power, wisdom, luck, and protection

Physical Healing Energy

  • The Turquoise stone is highly beneficial to those who are struggling with their physical and psychological health.
  • It is believed that the people who are having difficulty coping up with their anxiety or depression made drastic changes when they started integrating the Turquoise stone into their daily customs.
  • On the physical level, Turquoise stone serves as an amulet that protects the body from harmful substances that are present in the environment such as pollution, bacterial and viral infections.
  • Turquoise also helps in the absorption of nutrients and aids in restoring physical health because of its anti-inflammatory and detox effect.

Emotional Healing Energy

  • Turquoise reduces anticipatory anxieties making it a perfect accessory to bring when flying.
  • The soothing and calming effect of the stone encourages sleep thus prevents jetlags in long-haul flights.
  • Same to those who experience narcissism, the turquoise stone stimulates analytic thinking making the person be more aware of the needs of others first than being concerned chiefly in one’s own personal profit.

Spiritual Healing Energy

  • One of the Turquoise healing properties is to balance these masculine and feminine energies and it is only in this unification that we can then truly have a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves and others.
  • It is believed that the stone warns of impending problems that could ruin a relationship.
  • If there are possible affairs and early signs of infidelity, the stone changes its color or shade offering a chance for the couple to fix the differences and issues before it could ruin their relationship emotionally or spiritually.


Such a powerful mantra is exquisitely hand-carved on S925 Sterling Silver to offer great quality and adding a gorgeous layer to this stunning ring. Om Mani Padme Hum is a common phrase used in Buddhist Mantra meditation and is usually translated to mean The Jewel Is In The Lotus.

Six-Character Mantra is said to be one of the most powerful mantras, that even saying it a single time can be enough to release negative karma and achieve enlightenment.

The phrases into their individual words:

Om – The sound of the universe. The universal energy, or God-force, is said to be placed in action through the vibration of the sound Om.

Mani – Commonly translated as ‘jewel,’ Mani should really be viewed in terms of each syllable. The first, “ma” sound is intended to release jealousy and attachment, while the “ni” sound is intended to cultivate self-compassion and patience as we release desires.

Padme – Often translated as lotus, and represent a symbol for wisdom. The first syllable, “pad,” releases judgments and prejudices that we hold, while the second syllable, “me,” increases our concentration as we release those judgments.

Hum – The final syllable, hum is said to represent the unshakeable force, and is used to cultivate a sense of inner wisdom while releasing thoughts of hatred or aggression.

There are many reasons why people choose to chant this powerful mantra, but here are a few main benefits:

  • It clears the mind, allowing you to detach from the ego
  • The words help release karmas that may be holding you back
  • These words can send out a message about the kind of life you wish to manifest
  • It empties the body of everything but an awareness of the inside

Product  Detail:

  • Material: Natural Turquoise, S925 Sterling Silver
  • Stone Size: 1.1cm
  • Weight: 4.33g

Product Inclusion:

  • 1 x Lucky Turquoise Six-Character Mantra Ring
Lucky Turquoise Six-Character Mantra Ring