Lucky Wealth Gelang Bracelet

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Attract Wealth and Luck to Your Life!

Get lucky in life and get the world’s favor, enjoy life with luck and luxury.

Achieve Happier and More Fulfilling Life with Luck and Wealth.

Attract wealth and achieve a happier life with powerful luck enhancing effect.

Prevent Sadness and Misfortune, Protect Yourself from Bad Luck.

Stops Misfortune coming into your life, Live a life of worry free and full of happiness instead.

Highly Fashionable Style, Perfect for Any Outfit.

Beautifully imbedded lucky beads that matches any outfit!

Perfect Gift for Love Ones, Wish Them Luck and Fortune.

Protect and remind your loved ones that you care, keep them safe from bad luck and misfortune.

Unique Design with High Grade Materials.

Perfect and elegant design with unique and beautifully crafted individual beads.


Product Includes: 1 Lucky Wealth Gelang Bracelet

Lucky Wealth Gelang Bracelet