Luhaka™ AuraPulse Tinnitus Relief EMS Pads


Luhaka™ AuraPulse Tinnitus Relief EMS Pads
Luhaka™ AuraPulse Tinnitus Relief EMS Pads


WHY is Luhaka™ AuraPulse Tinnitus Relief EMS Pads So Special?

Luhaka™ AuraPulse Tinnitus Relief EMS Pads is a revolutionary Medical Grade device for the treatment of tinnitus. This advanced hearing treatment is specifically designed with Low Frequency Electronic Therapy (LFET),  to target the nerves in the inner ear area by stimulating SAN JIAO 17 point, which contains nerve directly reaching inner ear, provides direct and effective treatment by tackling the root of the problem.

The Low Frequency Electric Pulses (3-10Hz) effectively stimulates the activity of the nerve cells through SJ17 point, boosting ATP productions and promotes cells regeneration. Clinical Studies Show That The damaged Auditory Hair Cells in the auditory nerve regrow with the help of Luhaka AuraPulse Tinnitus Relief EMS Pads (show below). The Low Frequency Pulse stimulate the restoration of cells by 174%, relieving ringing in ears and improve hearing ability.

Luhaka™ AuraPulse Tinnitus Relief EMS Pads offers a range of features to effectively alleviate tinnitus symptoms:

  1. 8 Auto Stimulation Programs: With a variety of stimulation programs, AuraPulse provides targeted relief for tinnitus, addressing buzzing, clicking, and other symptoms.
  2. Fully-Adjustable Speed & Intensity: The device allows customization of speed and intensity settings, enabling personalized treatment based on individual needs and preferences.
  3. Low-Frequency Pulses: By utilizing Low-frequency pulses, AuraPulse effectively reduces tinnitus symptoms, providing relief from inexplicable sounds in the ears.
  4. Improved Blood Circulation: The advanced technology of AuraPulse Tinnitus Pain Relief helps enhance blood circulation, contributing to overall well-being.
  5. Hearing Restoration: Aurapulse facilitates the regeneration of Nerve Cells in Ear and improves Hearing Ability.
  6. Reduced Sensitivity to Ear Noise: AuraPulse aids in reducing sensitivity to ear noise, helping individuals better manage and cope with tinnitus-related challenges. Luhaka™ AuraPulse Tinnitus Relief EMS Pads!

Luhaka™ AuraPulse Tinnitus Relief EMS Pads has the following product:

  • Name: Luhaka™ AuraPulse Tinnitus Relief EMS Pads


  1. Start by ensuring that you have 2 AAA batteries for power supply.
  2. Prepare the device by attaching the Electrode Gel Patches to the designated areas on the device. These gel patches help with the transmission of electrical pulses.
  3. Place the device over your affected ear, ensuring that the gel patches make contact with your skin.
  4. Use the Connection Cable to connect the device to the Massager.
  5. Adjust the Speed and Intensity settings on the device to your desired level. These settings can be fully adjusted to suit your comfort and needs.
  6. Turn on the device and begin the treatment. The device will emit mild electrical pulses stimulation to target and alleviate tinnitus symptoms.
  7. It is generally recommended to use the device 5-10 minutes daily for the best results.
  8. After each session, carefully disconnect the device and remove the Electrode Gel Patches from your skin.

Package Details:

  • Included Contents: 4 Electrode Gel Patches, 1 Connection Cable, 1 Main Device
  • Power: Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
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