Lure® NeuroFoot Compression Socks

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Lure® NeuroFoot Compression Socks

Immediate relief from plantar fasciitis and nerve pain, without expensive treatments.

Lure® NeuroFoot™ Compression Socks

Relieve foot pain forever.

Can’t do the activities you once loved? Plantar fasciitis, neuropathic pain , nerve pain or heel pain have a major impact on your daily life.

The NeurFoot Compression socks provide instant relief from pain in feet, ankles and legs, so you can enjoy daily activities again and walk and stand without pain and discomfort!

Lure® NeuroFoot™ Compression Socks

How does it work?

5 zone stretch technology improves blood circulation and puts pressure on the legs, ankles and feet.

With a class I compression – which is medically proven to be the most beneficial treatment for various conditions, you will enjoy immediate relief from pain and numbness .

Why do people choose NeuroFoot?

✓ Affordable

No expensive stone soles, physio costs or complicated exercises

✓ Natural solution

No painkillers or surgery required.

✓ Non-Invasive

Reduces swelling and pain in the feet, making them the perfect treatment option for those suffering from diabetic neuropathy, especially given that they are non-invasive and affordable.

What makes NeuroFoot the perfect compression sock?

Made for immediate long-term pain relief, with optimal wearing comfort.

Lure® NeuroFoot™ Compression Socks

✓ 5 compression zones

Helps stabilize feet to prevent injury and pain in five separate areas.

✓ Breathable and odor resistant

Lightweight fabric means you can wear it 24/7 without getting sweaty feet.

Lure® NeuroFoot™ Compression Socks

✓ Non-slip

Stays in place all day, so you can walk and stand with optimal comfort.

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Lure® NeuroFoot Compression Socks
Lure® NeuroFoot Compression Socks
Original price was: $41.90.Current price is: $20.95. Select options