LuxeSkin™ Korean Soluble Collagen Film


LuxeSkin™ Korean Soluble Collagen Film
LuxeSkin™ Korean Soluble Collagen Film

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

LuxeSkin™ Korean Soluble Collagen Film

“Every morning was the same ritual: dabbing concealer to hide my deepening nasolabial folds, avoiding bright lights that highlighted them. Then, LuxeSkin™ happened. By day 18, I slashed my makeup time in half. No more concealers, just my skin – radiant and youthful. It wasn’t just a product; it was a life-altering experience.” – Ebony Baird


“Age 42: a birthday selfie showcased wrinkles, not the joy of growing older. LuxeSkin™ promised a change. Three weeks later, my birthday redo was astounding! Smooth forehead, no filters, and comments gushing about my age-defying glow. LuxeSkin™ wasn’t a purchase; it was an investment in myself.” – Lauren Anderso

LuxeSkin™ Korean Soluble Collagen Film

This 100% soluble collagen film, empowered by an innovative technology, dissolves seamlessly into your skin, vanishing without a trace. As it disappears, the potent collagen essence dives deep into your pores, bestowing intense hydration and a youthful plumpness that defies the years. It’s an immediate surge in elasticity, a burst of radiant glow, an instant rewind to your best skin ever.

Our Ability To Produce Collagen Has Dropped By Up To 25% By The Time We Are In Our 40s

Collagen acts as skin’s structural pillar, preserving its suppleness and moisture. Aging impairs this natural collagen production, starting from our mid-20s, with an accelerating decline, reaching up to 25% by our 40s. This dip in collagen synthesis underlies signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and skin sagging.

The Soluble Technology

LuxeSkin™ Korean Soluble Collagen Film

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge soluble technology, our LuxeSkin™ collagen film redefines skincare efficacy. This groundbreaking technology ensures that our potent collagen essence seamlessly dissolves upon contact with your skin. Unlike traditional formulas, which sit on the surface, soluble technology drives the active ingredients deeper, reaching the layers where true rejuvenation begins. The result? Enhanced absorption, maximized benefits, and a visibly radiant, youthful complexion.

Consist of 2 Powerful Key Ingredients For Anti-Aging

Marine Collagen: Sourced from pristine South Pacific waters, this collagen penetrates deeply due to its small molecular size. Restore elasticity, reduce sagging, and achieve youthful resilience with every use.

Hyaluronic Acid: The hydration maestro, HA diminishes fine lines by retaining moisture and boosts collagen synthesis. LuxeSkin™ harnesses its power for radiant, plumped, and youthful skin.

Clinical Study Highlights: 4 Weeks to Transformed Skin

LuxeSkin™ Korean Soluble Collagen Film

In a groundbreaking study led by the Global Dermatology Institute, LuxeSkin™ Korean Soluble Collagen Film was put to the test to discern its efficacy.

Study Parameters:

LuxeSkin™ Korean Soluble Collagen Film

Package Includes: 1 x LuxeSkin™ Korean Soluble Collagen Film

Duration: 4 weeks

Participants: 200 individuals, aged 30-60, diverse skin types

Regimen: Daily application

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