Luxury Waterproof Anti Mite Mattress Cover

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Luxury Waterproof Anti Mite Mattress Cover
Luxury Waterproof Anti Mite Mattress Cover


Our luxury mattress cover has an impermeable TPU backing that protects the top of the mattress. Mattress cover protects against perspiration, urine, liquids, stains and also protects you from dust mites and bacteria, great for prolonging the life of your mattress and keeping it cool and dry.


The mattress cover’s cotton terry surface allows air and heat to pass through, ensuring softness and great breathability. The specially designed waterproof TPU membrane is made of quality elastic material that is ultra-soft and flexible, and will not cause the rubbery, swishing sounds that other mattress may do.


The luxury mattress cover is designed with 360° fully surrounding elastic banding that’s not only provides full protection for the top and sides of the mattress but also ensures that it will offer a perfect fit while being very easy to remove off and wash.

Material: Towel

Color: White / Blue

1 x Luxury Waterproof Anti Mite Mattress Cover