LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff


LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff

Get fit, feel healthy, make your lymphatic system function at its optimum level with this LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff!

Take if from our happy customers!

LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff

“I was looking for something to reduce arm sag and remove swollen lymph nodes and then I discovered this LymphRevive Ear Cuff. After a month, my arms were so toned that I no longer had any swelling. I’ve also gotten a lot of compliments on how good my skin looks wearing this daily. It’s hard to believe that something so simple works so well!

– Josie Wallace, 42, Eugene, Oregon

“I am a housewife, mother of 2 kids. I used to be obese and suffer with neck and back swelling. I tried this Ear cuffs hoping that I can get these concerns resolved forever, which was a dream for me. Wearing this this for almost 8 weeks I was really surprised that without any workouts, I lost a lot of weight and got all my issues resolved. I’m more energetic now and with better sleep pattern!

– Shirley Brosnan, 39, Salinas, California

What is the Lymphatic System & How Lymph Blockage Occurs?

LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff

The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, vessels and organs that work together to move a colorless, watery fluid called lymph back into your circulatory system (your bloodstream).  According to Cleveland Clinic, 20 liters of plasma flow through your body’s arteries and smaller arteriole blood vessels and capillaries every day.

Functions of Lymphatic System:

  • Maintains fluid levels in your body
  • Absorbs fats from the digestive tract
  • Protects your body against foreign invaders
  • Transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph.

The Lymphatic System works like the “sewage disposal structure of the human body”. It sucks up the body’s harmful fats and eliminates excess cellulite.

One of the causes of abnormal lymph nodes in the body is called Lymphedema which refers to tissue swelling caused by an accumulation of protein-rich fluid that’s usually drained through the body’s lymphatic system. It most commonly affects the arms or legs, but can also occur in the chest wall, abdomen, neck and genitals. Lymph nodes are an important part of your lymphatic system.

Chinese Scientific Proof of Acupuncture to help Weight Loss

LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff

Acupuncture gives an interesting perspective as to how organs work: not only do they have physiological functions. They also have emotional characteristics as well. When the spleen and stomach (the main organs associated with digestion) are not working in harmony which is manifested through feelings such as anxiety and overthinking, this affects your ability to metabolize food properly.

LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff

Dr. Wilmer Cheng of the University of Exeter and Plymouth, advocates of acupuncture for weight loss believe that acupuncture can stimulate the body’s energy flow (chi) to impact factors that can reverse obesity such as:

  • increasing metabolism
  • reducing appetite
  • lowering stress
  • affecting the part of the brain that feels hunger

LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff

How Germanium and white Onyx work with Ear acupuncture slimming therapy?

Germanium has therapeutic attributes include immune-enhancement, oxygen enrichment, free radical scavenging, analgesia and heavy detoxification. When mixed with crystals or stones, it signals the body’s efficient breakdown of fat cells that will help you to lose that baby fat faster, boosts faster metabolism and digestion. These negative ions increase the permeability of the cell membrane which facilitates the absorption of tissue fluid into lymph vessels thus help prevent lymphatic blockages which compromises one’s health.

LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff

White Onyx is thought to enhance hormone production. It’s said to regulate the thyroid, which might result in stabilized metabolism, balanced hormones, and other great benefits. It also improves the immune system’s ability to fight disease. Treating symptoms of respiratory diseases. Elimination of toxins and harmful substances from the blood. It absorbs pain, can help heal throat problems, and alleviates joint problems.

Our Ear Cuff can be worn in pairs which can be more helpful…

LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff

Wearing the ear cuff in pairs can help add more effectiveness to the benefits that you can get from 1 piece alone. It can eliminate lymphatic problems more effectively. Making our body’s problems such as swelling, fluid retention, poor circulation and slow metabolism eliminated at a faster rate.

What makes LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff your great choice?

  • Removes swelling in your body
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Lessens adipose tissues
  • Promotes healthier blood circulation
  • Stimulates body detoxification
  • Helps removes fat
  • Eliminate toxic metals
  • Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids
  • Encourages balance, clarity, and manifestation
  • Natural solution for lymphatic drainage

Here is Milla’s amazing 12-week transformation with LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff!

LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff

“I’ve been overweight for several years and it started after my second child was born. It was a sudden weight gain and I couldn’t control my appetite. My best friend recommended this Ear cuffs to me. She advised me to try it because it is very effective. The first week I wore it, I felt lighter and energized.”

“Two months of wearing these ear cuffs consistently has made a remarkable difference to my entire body. I now sweat slightly while doing my chores, but to my delight, my energy doesn’t drain as quickly after a day of activity. Then day by day my belly fat decreased naturally and gave me the opportunity to take some time for a quick exercise. So in the last 8 weeks my entire body has changed a lot.”

“Finally! I was able to lose weight and brought back my body the way it was before pregnancy. These earrings are very effective in helping me lose weight and get rid of excess fat and fluid in my body. I was very happy that I tried this and trusted myself that I can get back in shape! For those who have the same case as me, I suggest you try this with LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff, it might help you get back on track and be healthier than ever.”

– Norah Davidson, 47, Surprise, Arizona

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LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff
LymphRevive Auriculotherapy White Onyx Ear Cuff
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