Magic Kitchen Rag


Magic Kitchen Rag
Your All In One Cleaning Buddy

Are you tired of the routine cleaning struggle? We are here to rescue you with our Magic Kitchen Rag! A great alternative to traditional kitchen rags, dish washing cloths, dish sponges and cleaning rags. Now you can work your way to getting them spotlessly clean.

Get streak-free results when cleaning surfaces with the Magic Kitchen Rag. The unique fish scale weave enables dirt to be absorbed into the cloth and away from the glass. Use it for scrubbing those tough spots for a perfect finish. This microfiber towel offers higher absorption than ordinary microfiber towels.

These towels are available in multi colors. Large enough to clean plenty of surface area to use throughout the day. Once it becomes saturated with dirt, the towels can be easily machine or hand washed for repeated use. It also works wonders on dry surfaces by creating a static charge to attract dust and lint and trap it within the weave.



  • Unique Fiber Material:
    Powerful and quick to remove dirt. The fiber thickness is only 1/200 of the hair, but it can absorb dust, particles, or liquid 7 times its own weight. Water and oil can be separated quickly, and different parts of the cleaning can be completed with a rag.

  • Easy To Clean:
    The wipes have amazing self-cleaning ability, which is convenient and time-saving. It means that when it is contaminated by various stains, you only need to use cleaning fluid to remove the stains on its surface.

  • No Traces:
    Strict dyeing process, so that it will not cause the trouble of decolorization and pollution when cleaning the surface of the article, and protect your beloved furniture or appliances.

  • Absorption Capacity:
    Helps to dry immediately to prevent the growth of bacteria. It helps to clean the inside and outside of the car quickly without damaging the instruments in the car, and folding storage does not take up much space.

  • Multi purpose :
    Is ideal to clean glass, plates, wood, stone, car, stainless steel products and most electronics, Ultra soft, not-abrasive microfiber cloths will not scratch surfaces.



  • Material: Micro-fiber
  • Measurement: 25x25cm or 30x40cm
  • Color: Random

Package Includes:

  • 5 x Magic Kitchen Rag
  • or 10 x Magic Kitchen Rag
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