Magic Slushy Making Cup

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Customers Share Their Magic Slushy Cup Experience

Magic Slushy Making Cup

“I’ve tried other slushy makers before, but nothing compares to the Magic Slushy Making Cup. It’s compact, easy to clean, and produces the perfect slushy consistency every time. It is an absolute hit in our household! We use it for family movie nights, BBQs, and birthday parties. It’s become a staple in our kitchen.” – Anna., 32, Georgia – 

Magic Slushy Making Cup

“I bought the Magic Slushy Making Cup for my kids, and they are obsessed! They love experimenting with different flavors, and it keeps them entertained for hours.” –  Sanya., 43, Arkansas – 

Magical Summer Treats with Magic Slushy Making Cup

Magic Slushy Making Cup – the must-have gadget for any slushy lover! Say goodbye to expensive trips to the convenience store and hello to endless slushy possibilities from the comfort of your own home.

Magic Slushy Making Cup

  • INSTANT SLUSHIE: Making slushie at home is so much work! There’s nothing worse than not being able to drink your favorite slushie when you’re craving it.  The Frozen Magic, allows you to instantly and easily enjoy a satisfying slushie.  No more costly andhard-to-use, and mess-to-clean slushie machines!
  •  QUICK-FREEZE: You don’t need any ice or salt! The Frozen Magic turns your favorite beverages like cola and juice into a refreshing slushie in seconds.  The slushies retain the original flavor of the juice or cola as it does not use a mixture of ice and juice to achieve the slushie’s consistency.
  •  LIMITLESS FLAVORS: Pour ANY beverage of choice into the cup and enjoy a cold treat on a hot day. You can taste different flavors, perfect with juice or soda, or you can add milk to make a thick shake or an ice cream. Your slushie flavors will no longer be limited to buying flavors in the ice cream shop.
  •  SPACE SAVER:  No more complicated slushie machine that takes too much space in the Kitchen.  The Frozen Magic will allow you to Make, Travel with, and Drink your slushie from the convenience of a lightweight single cup.
  •  EASY TO USE:  Simply pour any drink of your choice, squeeze it, then you can taste the delicious smoothie!  Easy to make, you will have fun making slushies. Experiment with different flavors and tastes to make your favorite slushie.
The Magic Cup That Makes Summer Better
Magic Slushy Making Cup
  • Effortless Slushy-Making
  • Quick Transformation
  • Versatile Refreshments
  • Eco-Friendly Design
  • Portable Convenience

Find Out The Magical Experience of Nathalie With Magic Slushy Making Cup

Before Use: 

Before I discovered the Magic Slushy Making Cup, the sweltering summer days were unbearable, and my attempts to make slushies for my family and myself were always a hit or miss. I’d resort to using a blender, crushing ice, and spending an excessive amount of time preparing what I hoped would be a refreshing treat. But more often than not, I’d end up with a watery mess that was far from the delightful slushy experience I was craving.

After Use:

Magic Slushy Making Cup

Then, I stumbled upon the Magic Slushy Making Cup, and I must confess, it has revolutionized the way I create and enjoy slushies. The moment I started using this ingenious cup, I was amazed at how effortlessly it transformed my favorite beverages into perfectly textured, refreshing slushies. Gone were the days when I had to wrestle with a blender and bags of ice to achieve that elusive frozen delight. Now, whether I’m sipping on a fruity concoction or indulging in a cocktail slushy, the Magic Slushy Making Cup has made it incredibly easy and enjoyable. Its versatility allows me to experiment with a wide array of beverages, and the reusable, eco-friendly design makes me feel good about reducing waste. Plus, my kids absolutely adore the slushies we create together, and it has become a cherished part of our family’s summer traditions. It’s compact, portable, and oh-so-simple to clean, making it the perfect companion for all my summertime gatherings. I wholeheartedly recommend this remarkable gadget to anyone seeking a fun, easy, and satisfying way to stay cool and refreshed during those sizzling days.


  1. Freeze the cup: Put the cup in the freezer for 4-6 hours.
  2. Choose a cold drink: Pick your favorite cold beverage.
  3. Pour the drink: Fill the frozen cup with your chosen drink.
  4. Mix and squeeze: Close the lid and squeeze the cup for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  5. Enjoy your slushy: Remove the lid and enjoy your slushy with a spoon or straw.
  6. Clean and reuse: Wash the cup, and put it back in the freezer for next time.


Type: cup

Net Weight: 42 grams

Colors: blue, green, pink

Material: ABS

Size: 0.5 cm x 6 cm x 21 cm

Target User: general

Product Includes

1 x Magic Slushy Making Cup

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Magic Slushy Making Cup
Magic Slushy Making Cup
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