Magnetic Diabetes Relief Socks


Control your blood glucose level with no insulin injections or side effects!

Diabetes Relief Socks stimulates the production of insulin and improve the digestion.

These socks are made of magnetic nano-fiber. The induced magnetic field improves blood circulation to the soles and also stimulates the acupuncture points. This restores the health of pancreas and facilitates the insulin production. This helps to improve the digestion system process and regulate blood sugar levels.

The Diabetic Relief Socks are specially designed to keep feet dry, decrease the risk of foot injury, and enhance blood circulation. They are a key part of foot care, which is an important aspect of diabetes management due to potential damage to the nervous and circulatory systems caused by high blood sugar levels. You can ware this Magnetic Diabetes Relief Socks every day as it is safe and has no known side effects. 


  • REGULATE BLOOD SUGAR: Significant effects on blood glucose control
  • ENERGIZING: Stimulates the acupuncture points to reduces fatigue and tiredness by boosting your energy level and overall health.
  • WEIGHT CONTROL: Regulates digestion system process and prevents abnormal weight gain.
  • IMPROVE CIRCULATION: Boost blood circulation with magnetic field induced from the socks.
  • SAFE TO USE: No side effects or irritation. Easy and safe to use for all.


  • Size: Universal size for men/women
  • Material: Nano Magnetic Fiber, Cotton
  • Colour: Black, White


Magnetic Diabetes Relief Socks (1pair/3pairs/5pairs)

Magnetic Diabetes Relief Socks
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