Magnetic Safety Nail Holder

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Now you can have a protection tool that lends a hand to make hammering easier & safer with the all-new Magnetic Nail Holder.

It easily grips a nail, so you can preload one before you start swinging while keeping it straight and prevents it from buckling.

It also provides a better target to aim for! Yet you don’t have to worry about missing the target for it it is made with impact-resistant ABS plastic that can surely withstand blows and gives you a long-lasting service!


  • Protection tool
    It protects your fingers from hammering when starting nails and screws. The Strong neodymium magnets hold the nail or screw in place.
  • Strap-on Design
    The elastic bands hold the tool in place and fit hands of all sizes.
  • Stability
    It reduces nail from buckling and screw from wobbling,
    which allows for more control and precision.
  • Premium Material
    Made of durable impact-resistant ABS plastic
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Magnetic Safety Nail Holder