MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence


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MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence

“My skin has really cleared up after using the MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence. It greatly reduced all of my wrinkles and fine lines! I’m so happy with it! Definitely recommend this product!”

Alexis Simmons, 49
Columbus, Ohio

MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence

The MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence provides an impressive Double Functions by Astaxanthin and Decarboxy Carnosine. Dr. Marie Watanabe has been urging for the use of these two ingredients in skin care products and our Essence is exactly what she imagined it to be.

Anti-glycation + Anti-oxidation
= Anti Aging

Our Essence helps resolve that by giving you the best and the proper care that your skin truly needs. Providing Anti-glycation and Anti-oxidation that gives you the ultimate Anti-aging benefits.

Anti-glycation by Decarboxy Carnosine

Glycosylation occurs in the skin, resulting in the gradual loss of elasticity of collagen, the formation of wrinkles on the skin surface, and the yellowing of the complexion. Decarboxy Carnosine inhibits glycosylation of structural proteins and protects collagen and elastin through two distinct targets.

Anti-oxidation By Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin helps fight free radicals that threaten the integrity of your skin! It combats them by preventing them from sticking to your skin and ruining your skin’s cell structure.

MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence

Since our Essence is made of an incredible mix of vitamins and nutrients, it helps reduce skin inflammation and improve skin elasticity.

Each 160000mg of Astaxanthin consists of the following nourishing nutrients:

  1. 6000mg of Vitamin C – Ensures that your skin is healthy and bright
  2. 1000mg of Vitamin E – Helps your skin feel smooth and tight, and retain its youthful look
  3. 800mg of Coenzyme Q10 – Increases the activity of your skin cells keeping it hydrated and protected from sun damage.
  4. 700mg of Anthocyanin – A potent anti-oxidant that has strong anti-aging properties.

MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence


With all of these combined, It’s no wonder why Astaxanthin is the most sought after in the world of skincare.

“I still can’t believe how effective this MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence is! It’s the ultimate all-in-one skincare for me. It feels like a miracle reducing my wrinkles by so much! Thank you!!” – Jesse McIntyre

MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence

“Thanks to the MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence, I finally got rid of the burning redness and wrinkles on my face! My face doesn’t feel inflamed or bloated and I don’t look that old anymore! Thank You!” – Cindy Porter

Here are some reasons why MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence is such a sought-after product:

  • Protects Skin from Glycosylation and Oxidation
  • Individually Packed
  • Eliminates Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Improves Rough Skin
  • Re-invigorates Skin Vitality and Elasticity
  • Brightens Your Skin
  • Repairs Skin Damage From Blue Light
  • Reduces Skin Inflammation

How To Use:

  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser, suited to your skin type. Pat your face dry.
  2. Apply the essence in gentle upward strokes and circular motions by using your fingers.
  3. Never forget to apply the essence on your neck.
  4. Ideally, you should apply it 30 minutes before you go to bed for better absorption.
  5. Apply the essence at day and night regularly for optimal results (Suggested usage: 3 Months)


  • Decarboxy Carnosine
  • Astaxanthin
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Each Package Includes:

  • 30 x 2ml Packets MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence(1 box/2 boxes/3 boxes)
MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence
MediVille™ Astaxanthin Double Acting Essence
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