Mendex Bunion Relief Cream


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Here is Samantha who develops her bunion in her late 30s due to her day job flight attendant, which keeps her from standing all day long.
Mendex™ Bunion Relief Cream
“I have tried various, treatments to keep my bunions at bay, but unfortunately none of them works, My last resort is surgery which requires me a lot of money, so I was hesitant. But one day my friend told me about this product and tried my luck out with it.  I put Mendex Bunion Relief Cream on my left foot which has painful bunions and it is hurting so bad that I could hardly walk. I decided to try it before going to the doctor for some strong pain medicine. After about 3 days, the pain and bunion are completely gone!”.
Mendex™ Bunion Relief Cream
“I used to be a ballet dancer, and after years of my dancing career, I had bunion pain in both feet. It hurts so much that I can’t even wear heels. I tried all kinds of ointments and creams, but none of them worked. Then, my friend told me about Mendex Bunion Relief Cream! Now I use it every day and the pain has gone away! This cream is absolutely amazing!”
Mendex™ Bunion Relief Cream
“I’ve always been an active person, but after my bunions came along, I was having trouble keeping up with my workouts. I couldn’t run or even walk for long distances without feeling the pain. Mendex Bunion Relief Cream has changed all of that, and it’s made me feel like my old self again. Now I can go to yoga class without worrying about bunion pain and still do my cardio workout at the gym without any problems!”

Mendex™ Bunion Relief Cream

A bunion is a bump that forms on the outside of the big toe. This foot deformity occurs from years of pressure on the big toe joint (the metatarsophalangeal, or MTP, joint). Eventually, the toe joint gets out of alignment, and a bony bump forms.

What causes bunions?

Pressure from the way you walk (foot mechanics) or the shape of your foot (foot structure) causes your big toe to bend in toward the second toe. Bunions happen gradually over time. Standing for long periods and wearing ill-fitting, narrow shoes can make bunion pain worse.

Mendex™ Bunion Relief Cream

What makes Mendex Bunion Relief Cream so effective

With years of research and studies, their group discovered natural ingredients that are known for their anti-inflammatory properties that are responsible for the improvement of circulation, skin healing, and moisturizing properties. This leads to the development of Mendex Bunion Relief Cream

Mendex™ Bunion Relief Cream


showed the highest wound healing activity and might be considered as a potential source of therapeutic agent for chronic wounds and their associated complications.


Mint leaves a soothing effect that effectively relieves pain, and swelling.

Noto ginseng

It is an active anti-inflammatory herb, which effectively reduces swelling. That may be especially helpful for treating symptoms of both rheumatoid arthritis and bunions.


A number of studies have shown its function in clearing dampness-heat, reducing swelling, and relieving pain.


It is known as an analgesic agent. Furthermore, borneol promotes healing conditions by increasing collagen generation throughout the skin


It has anti-arthritis, antibacterial, cancer-protecting, and anti-inflammatory effects which effectively ease inflammation

Rehmannia glutinosa

Known to activate blood circulation and reduce blood stagnation due to deficiency

Expert’s Opinion on Mendex Bunion Relief Cream

Mendex™ Bunion Relief Cream

Dr. R. Desio, D.P.M says: “I have found Mendex to be a safe and effective treatment for bunion relief and I recommend it as part of an integrated post-operative program.” I highly recommend relieving bunion pain associated with bunion deformities caused by disease and/or hereditary. Supportive clinical studies with Mendex’s unique natural ingredients provide proof that it does work.”

Mendex Bunion Relief Cream fantastic relieving and healing effect

Mendex Bunion Relief Cream directly works on the surface of the skin; the active formula penetrates the underlying tissues to the inflamed area of the bunion to relieve pain and decrease swelling

Mendex™ Bunion Relief Cream.

Highlights & benefits of Mendex Bunion Relief Cream

  • Ease inflammation and swelling caused by a bunion
  • Proven to reduce acute pain within hours of application.
  • Realigns feet posture
  • All-natural formula safe with no side effects


  1. Simply clean the affected skin with warm water
  2. Take an appropriate amount of the bunion pain relief cream
  3. Apply it to the affected area 2-3 times a day.
Mendex Bunion Relief Cream
Mendex Bunion Relief Cream
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