Meniscus Tear Knee Pain

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Meniscus Tear Knee Pain

Adjustable Knee Support Side Stabilizers is expertly designed based on our anatomy to accommodate sports activities and injuries!

If you do hardcore exercises and sports, this is the perfect accessory for you to prevent future injuries from coming your way!

Also perfect if you’re in discomfort. A medical gel loop is placed to protect the knee and a pressure belt is used to hold your knee in position, reducing discomfort and helping to avoid future damage.

In accordance with human anatomy, the knee brace on both sides has a radian design. There is an open design in the center of the patella, which allows the knee brace to fit the knee precisely and improves comfort during usage.

The elastic pressure belt and adjustable Velczro design allow you to freely adjust the most suited for your tightness, allowing the knee brace to be better fastened on the knee. 

The Knee Support Braces is composed of high-quality neoprene. The inner fabric comes into contact with the skin., it absorbs sweat and allows the skin to breathe easily and also prevents itch. Perspiration is made easier by the outside perforated design.

We got 4 accurate sizes for everyone!

Available Sizes: Small (35.5cm – 43cm), Medium (43cm-51cm), Large (51cm-61cm), XL (61cm-68.5cm)
Special Feature: Adjustable

Package Inclusion: Adjustable Knee Support Side Stabilizers (x1)


Meniscus Tear Knee Pain