Microwave Splatter-Proof Cover

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Microwave Splatter-Proof Cover


Have a neat and clean food heating experience!

This splatter-proof cover is a useful addition to your kitchen. It prevents the food from spewing and making a mess inside your microwave so it stays spotless. Saving you hours of cleaning wasted food splatter everytime you heat meals. It features adjustable steam holes which allow venting while it heats. Preventing the food from losing its moisture and allowing even heat distribution.

It also helps in maintaining your dishes warm and keeping flies from having contact. The cover has a safe-to-use lid that stays cool even after heating. Allowing you to cover and uncover anytime without burning your fingers. Made of durable, food-grade material, designed to withstand extreme temperatures and successive usage.

Protect your microwave from food splatters and spills with this anti-splash cover!


Splatter Proof Cover

An essential tool that helps food to warm evenly in the microwave while preventing oils and dishes from splattering. Saving you hours of cleaning wasted food splatter every-time you heat your favorite meals and snacks.

Food Box Cover

This microwave cover can help to retain heat and moisture to your dishes before serving them for meals. Keeping your food fresh and avoids excessive fragrance from spreading around your home. It also prevents flies and other pests from having contact with your food that might transfer harmful bacteria.

Convenient Lid Design

Designed with a firm grip handle that stays cool even after heating up from the microwave. Allowing you to hold the lid without burning your fingers and easily cover or uncover food.

Ventilation Hole

It features adjustable vent valves that release steam efficiently. Keeping the food moist and warmed up evenly without becoming soggy during microwave heating.

Great Temperature Resistance 

It has a high temperature and heat resistance that can work from 120°C to -20°C. It won’t cause any deformation or breakage. Applicable to use in the refrigerator for food preservation or in a microwave for heating up meals.

Perfect Size

The microwave cover fits different plates and bowls, perfect whether you have small or large dishes.

Premium Material

Made of high-quality, food-grade PP material with great durability that can withstand successive usage. It is completely safe and won’t harm or add taste to your food. An ideal microwave cover to prevent food splattering.


Material: PP
Wide: 26.5 cm

Height: 9.5 cm
Weight: 27.8 kg


1 x Microwave Splatter-Proof Cover

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