miiBuddy Dog Backpack +Lifetime Warranty

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miiBuddy Dog Backpack +Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty!

If your lovely dog breaks the miiBuddy Dog Backpack, we will replace it for you. We always take care about your dog and offer the highest quality.

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Leave no one behind!

Our hairy babies, friends and buddies do not deserve to feel left behind.

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The miiBuddy Dog Backpack, specially designed for dogs, is made to be as comfortable for them as possible.

The backpack keeps your hairy friend in a relaxed upright position with the front paws inside of the bag.


The miiBuddy dog backpack was launched after intensive testing and is made out of high-quality materials.

The miiBuddy backpack for dogs has a pocket on both sides to store various things like toys, treats or water for you or them.
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To give your dog enough space inside of the miiBuddy dog backpack to move a little bit inside the backpack and, in order to secure your dog properly, the dog backpack is equipped with a thick bottom pad. The most important thing about the backpack is that the material is breathable to keep your hairy friend cool and comfortable.


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The backpack has a cooling effect so that your dog does not sweat too much. The pockets on the sides of the backpack are adjustable. The straps are moisture repellent and permeable to air. The miiBuddy Dog Backpack is available in the sizes small to large in five different colors. The largest backpack can carry dogs up to 40 lb.