MINI Boutique Bracelet


MINI Boutique Bracelet

This is an ornament that can be turned into a ring from the bracelet. He can stretch to bracelet. When folded back, he is a very beautiful ring.

‚̧As a gift for your LOVER,this Magic 2-in-1 Folding Retractable Ring will be the perfect!


High Quality Material

The adjustable ring/adjustable bracelet is made of qualified brass material and taking of great plated process.Highly polished, bright color, smooth surface, comfortable to wear.

Fashion Rings for Women

The ring is retractable. Just¬†stretch and compress, the shape of the bracelet and ring will¬†changed. So¬†don’t worry about the size, you can¬†adjustable suitable sizes¬†according to your own ring size or bracelet size.


  • Small and lightweight¬†– Wear or carry it around with you for a variety of earring options wherever you go.

  • Wide application¬†– Suitable for both everyday use and special occasions like parties, clubbing, weddings, and more.
  • Perfect gift idea¬†–¬†Great gift to give for all ladies like mothers, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, girlfriends, and more.


  • Material:¬†Copper + Rhinestones
  • Color:¬†color
  • Length:¬†0.78”-2.75”
  • Weight:¬†7.5g
Remember to buy some for your friends.¬†It’s the¬†unique gift idea!
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MINI Boutique Bracelet
MINI Boutique Bracelet
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