Mini Kalimba With 8 Keys

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Mini Kalimba With 8 Keys

Music is for everyone and for anytime

Kalimba has been around for thousands of years and it was a popular African musical instrument. We love to bring the traditional kalimba back into your hands.

Why Kalimba is perfect for you?

🎹 It is easy to learn. Dive into one of the many tutorials available in YouTube and get started quickly.

🎁 This would make a wonderful gift for your musical friend or family member. Playing Kalimba with your kids and loved ones is always relaxing.

🪵 Our Kalimba’s are handmade with premium materials. Each Kalimba goes through a rigorous quality check process to ensure you get the perfectly tuned Kalimba.

🍥 It is designed ergonomically to ensure you can play it comfortably. The edges are chamfered to the perfect angles, just for you.

💰 Unlike other low-quality Kalimbas, our Kalimbas have engraved notes on each key.

🔥 Have fun playing your favourite notes.

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Mini Kalimba With 8 Keys
Original price was: $49.98.Current price is: $24.99. Select options