Mini Laptop Riser Pad



Introducing the Mini Laptop Riser Pad!

It helps to prevent the laptop from overheating when you use laptops or keyboards for a long time. Without blocking air vents, so it can offer great heat dissipation and natural airflow. Keeps long life for your laptop.

It also provides an ideal vision angle for you to use the laptop. Instantly holds your back in the correct sitting posture and alleviates existing back pain/ discomfort caused by the wrong posture.

Install it in seconds! Just stick it on the back of the laptop. It is compatible with most laptops, also can turn into a phone stand.



  • Heat Elimination
    It helps to cool your laptop. The forward-tilt angle and open design offers great ventilation and airflow to prevent your notebook from overheating.
  • Mini Size
    With 7mm thickness, it is portable and flexible to put into a laptop pouch. Ideal for business travel, presentation and meeting.
  • Spine Correction
    Provide an ideal angle for using a laptop. Instantly holds your back in the correct sitting posture and alleviates existing back pain/ discomfort caused by the wrong posture.
  • Easy to Install
    Super easy to install, no tools required! Peel back the adhesive. Stick it on the back of the laptop.
  • Strong & Sturdy
    Strong holding up to 12.5kg feature stably supports most devices with guaranteed shockproof performance.
  • High Compatibility
    This universal riser pad is compatible with most laptops. Also can turn into a phone stand.

Package details:

  • Size: 48mm x 48mm x 7mm
  • Material: ABS

Package includes:

  • 1 pair x Mini Laptop Riser Pad (2pcs)
  • 2 pairs x Mini Laptop Riser Pad (4pcs)
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Mini Laptop Riser Pad
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