Mini version of business equipment

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Mini version of business equipment

The smallest professional pocket computer that can also be used as a “tool” microcomputer is finally updated!Support 2.4GHz dual-channel wireless 2.4G/5G dual-band

Mini version of business equipment


  • Featuring a compact yet fully featured, backlit keyboard, and a high set trackpad, the MicroPC is designed to be used from the palms, allowing for full use sitting down, standing up, or even while walking.
  • Runs a quad-core quad thread processor, running up to 2.4ghz, coupled with 8GB ram, and a liquid-vapor cooling system allowing the computer to maximize high-quality performance in a 6-inch package.
  • Additionally, the MicroPC features a 128GB SSD, which is able to be upgraded up to 2Tb (it’s possible to upgrade to 2Tb but conditions apply).
  • The Micro PC offers a sheer unrivaled level of connectivity. It features a Serial Port, widely used in industrial instrumentation.
  • 3 USB-B 3.0 ports for any accessories you may want to plug in, a full-sized HDMI Port, an 8p8c/Ethernet Cable Port, a Micro SD Card Slot, a full featured USB-C , and an Audio Jack.

Impact resistance ABS synthetic resin

Using impact-resistant aviation grade ABS synthetic resin. 1mm thick, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, V-0 resistance. The bending strength can reach 26000kg/cm2. The completeness rate of the 1.5m drop test is 97.63%. The exterior is durable enough to be used in harsh environments.

6 inch HD WCG screen

Features a 6-inch high-definition Wide Color Gamut (WCG) screen for vivid, natural and smooth viewing. The 178° viewing angle also allows users to see the screen from any angle.

Built-in keyboard, touchpad and 3D mouse placement

The keyboard, touchpad and 3D mouse are arranged in a space of only 15x9cm. The metal membrane keys are ergonomically designed and are wedge-shaped for comfortable operation when pressed by fingers.

User-friendly touchpad

It supports left and right buttons and includes a touchpad with a larger active area. Use your right thumb to slide the cursor more precisely.

Install two copper nuts on the back

Two copper nuts (for 2.5mm diameter screws) are mounted on the back to secure the device in a variety of environments and applications. Can be mounted on rotatable hangers, brackets, lifts, trays, stands, etc.

RS-232 interface and ▮ RJ45 wired network access

RS-232 serial ports are widely used in industrial instruments, mice, keyboards, printers, etc. Built-in Gigabit network card, support RJ45 interface wired network access, the maximum download speed is 125MB/s.

Upgrade to 8th Generation Intel® Celeron® N4100 Processor

MicroPC features the 8th generation Intel® Celeron® N4100 processor in a smaller package. The comparison chart compares the 4415Y processor installed in the Microsoft Surface Go, the single-core difference is not large, but the multi-core performance is better than the MicroPC.

Windows 10 Pro installed, Ubuntu supported

Replacing the restrictive Windows 10 Home, the MicroPC is equipped with Window 10 Pro, offering users a whole new experience. Also, work with Ubuntu MATE to support Ubuntu MATE 18.10. Ubuntu MATE 18.10 can download firmware from GPD official website and crowdfunding update area. Ships with Windows 10 Pro installed.

由 Windows 10 Pro 提供支持,支持 Ubuntu

Mini version of business equipment

Ideal home theater with Intel® 9.5 GPU

Featuring 9.5th Gen Intel® UHD Graphics 600, supporting up to 700MHz operating frequency, and a thermal design that consumes only 6W, it is ideal for home theater PCs and gaming consoles. It can output 4K×2K/60p high-definition video through HDMI 2.0 interface.

Intel® 9.5 GPU,理想的家庭影院

Mini version of business equipment

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Mini version of business equipment
Mini version of business equipment