Mirror Marker

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Mirror Marker

Revolutionize your artwork with these incredible high-gloss mirror chrome markers.

You can draw or add decorations and fabric marks on wooden crafts, glass jars, Easter plastic eggs, Christmas balls, cards, painted rocks, stones, canvas shoes, wood chips, clay, etc.

Provide 3 pen tip sizes: 0.7mm, 1.0mm, 3.0mm to meet all your creative needs.

Innovative valve design is adopted, and the ink flows smoothly, without clogging and leakage. Its highly pigmented formula is scratch-resistant, weather-resistant and permanent.

It is filled with highly colored special chrome-plated ink, which can present an unparalleled mirror effect on almost all smooth surfaces (such as plastic, glass, wood and rubber).

This amazing chrome-plated marker uses reflective light Ink, you can add a shiny silver touch to your project.

The liquid mirror chrome marker uses high-quality water-based ink, which is fast-drying, safe, non-toxic ink.
Our artists color you with these delicate fiber nibs wrapped in metal, which will create fine lines and strong water-based colors for you.

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